CoD Vanguard Operators Boost: Leveling & Unlocks

Call of Duty Vanguard operator boosting is a service provided by a professional CoD booster that helps you unlock operators and skins for them. We can also help you level up operators fast and inexpensively.
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There are 12 operators in Call of Duty Vanguard that you can unlock by completing a specific challenge. A new addition in Vanguard is that operators are split into 4 separate units as follows:

  • • Hellhounds Unit: Daniel, Wade, and Halima.
  • • Shadow Unit: Polina, Solange, and Shigenori.
  • • Barbarian Unit: Roland, Lucas, and Beatrice.
  • • Sentinel Unit: Arthur, Constanze, and Padamvati.


Vanguard is the first Call of Duty game that has a leveling system for operators. Regarding the operators leveling the most important aspect are:

  • Maximum level is 20 for each operator
  • • You must unlock an operator before starting the leveling process
  • • To speed up the leveling process you must complete operator challenges when using the operator.
  • • Leveling up operators unlocks: skins, quips, finishing moves, intro & MVP highlights, etc.


Each of the 12 operators in CoD Vanguard has 5 skins at the moment of the game's launch. More operator skins may get added later as the game progresses. Here is how the skins work:

  • • 1 x Base Skin: which comes for free when you unlock the operator.
  • • 2 x Common Skins: one unlocks at level 10 and one at level 20 (max).
  • • 1 x Rare Skin: this unlocks when you get all 3 operators from a specific unit to level 20.
  • • 1 x Epic Skin: which unlocks when you fully leveled all 12 operators in the game.


Every operator in Vanguard has a favorite weapon as follows: Daniel – M1 Garand, Wade – Type 100, Halima – MP-40, Polina – 3-Line Rifle, Solange – NZ-41, Shigenori – Type 11, Roland – STG44, Lucas – Owen Gun, Beatrice – AS44, Arthur – STEN, Constanze – MG42, Padmavati – Combat Shotgun.

To boost the speed of the operator leveling process you should:

  • 1. Use each operator with their favorite weapon which awards both bonus operator XP and bonus weapon xp.
  • 2. Complete as many operators challenges to get a lot of bonus operator xp.
  • 3. Play blitz combat pacing to get a lot of kills and speed up the leveling process.