CoD Vanguard Weapon Boost: Leveling & Unlocks

Call of Duty: Vanguard weapon leveling and unlocks is a boosting service provided by a professional CoD player that helps you unlock and level-up weapons easily and lightning-fast. At you can buy weapon boosting for any gun in CoD: Vanguard.
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Vanguard weapon leveling: importance & rewards

The Call of Duty weapons leveling represents one of the most important services we can offer for this game. Leveling your weapon is crucial for your game experience because it will unlock all the attachments like scopes, grips, magazines and more which will improve your weapon's strength.

Leveling your weapon will get you the best advantages possible in the game and we are talking about higher damage, better recoil control, bigger magazines , and way more, depending on the gun you play. As anyone knows, to get your weapons at max level is a requirement for any CoD player out there.

Weapon level boost: delivery & requirements

As for delivery our website usually offer the services in piloted or self-play mode. Unfortunately, the weapons leveling service can be delivered only in Piloted mode because of the skill required to complete the order in the shortest time possible.

Also, make sure you meet all the requirements listed on the product's page down below in the requirements section. Depending on the service you are going to choose the requirements might vary and if there's something not clear for you, feel free to contact our live chat support.

Weapon Boosting: pricing & speed

For the majority of services we have two delivery speeds:

  • Normal – Your order will be placed in the already existing queue and our booster will start working on it as soon as they completed all the following orders before yours.
  • Express – Your order will be placed first in the queue and one of your boosters will start to work on it in the shortest time possible.
  • Because we choose to play your account legit and grind to boost your weapons our services are not cheap. We enforce the fact that we have the best CoD vanguard weapons boosting service and that our prices reflect the time and skill needed to get things done.

CoD Vanguard weapon unlocks

The Call of Duty Vanguard weapons can be unlocked by raising the military rank. Some of them as STG44 AR, MP-40 SMG, MG42 LMG are default but when it comes to others, you will have to reach a higher level to be able to use them. For example:

  • • Volkssturmgewehr is unlocked at level 55
  • • Bren at level 53
  • • G-43 Marksman rifle at level 47

To get more XP and unlock the weapons that suit your playstyle faster, the best way is to use the operator's favorite weapon and complete all challenges for extra XP.