CoD Vanguard: Atomic Camo Unlock

Self Play
This service can only be delivered in piloted mode because it requires a considerable time investment or a skill set unavailable for most customers.
We have completed thousands of orders using the piloted mode and never faced any bans or suspensions, so we can confidently say that is very safe to use even though giving us your login information may seem a bit scary.
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The Atomic Camo in Call of Duty: Vanguard is a multicolor moving skin that shows a player's mastery of all weapons available. To unlock it a player has to level up all the weapons up to max level (usually 70) and obtain gold camos of all the weapons by completing specific challenges or achievements. This means you need diamonds on all the weapon categories in the game.

To get you the atomic camo unlocked for your weapons, our boosters will complete any challenge or achievement necessary and get gold on all weapons in the game. We have a great experience with camo unlocks here at KBoosting so we know all the tricks to complete challenges fast and easy like choosing the right game mode, strategic positioning, and of course, very skilled boosters.

Because of the very high skill needed for this service we can only deliver this boosting service with piloted mode only, with account sharing. A pro booster will log into your account and complete all the achievements and challenges needed to unlock your CoD Vanguard atomic camo. When it's complete you will get an e-mail and notification so you can log back in.


The ETA for Atomic camo is 1 - 2 months. It usually takes 1 - 2 days to unlock the gold camo for one weapon depending on the weapon. Some weapons like melee weapons or launchers take a bit longer because of the increased difficulty.



  • Platform: - from the dropdown you can select the platform (PC, Xbox or Play Station) where you want the booster to complete your Vanguard Camo Unlock service.
  • Already Owned Gold Camos: select the gold camos you already own to reduce your price. Remember that in order to unlock the atomic camo we need to unlock all the gold camos, so, if you already unlocked some of them we will reduce the price for you.
  • Delivery Speed: Normal - your order will be placed in the queue and be completed when it's your turn. Express - your order will be treated as a high priority, so the first booster to become available will start your order.


  • In order to be eligible for this boosting service, you must own an Activision Account with CoD Vanguard.
  • All weapons unlocked. If you don't meet this requirement please check our Battle Pass boosting service.



To unlock the amazing atomic skin, you have to unlock gold skin for all the weapons available in the game. This means a high skill is needed and also a lot of grinds. To unlock gold for a weapon, you need to reach the maximum level and do all the required challenges to unlock all the regular camos.

When you unlock all the weapons in a specific category, you will get the diamond camo, if you unlock the diamond for all categories available you will unlock the unique atomic camo.

For a more extensive guide for Call of Duty Vanguard camos, you can watch this Video and read this Article.

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