How to Get Coins Fast in EA FC 24

how to make coins in ea fc 24


Welcome to our guide on how to get Coins fast and prepare your dream team in EA FC 24!

EA FC 24 is one of the most awaited games of the year for football fans, and its Ultimate Team mode has become the most competitive part of the gaming experience. UT allows players to build their dream team by collecting player cards and using them to compete against other gamers worldwide. However, to acquire the best players, you must earn UT Coins, the most important currency used in the game.

In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know about how to make FC 24 Coins fast, including a dozen tips and strategies to earn them, as well as how to spend or invest them. Sounds good, right? Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

The best ways to make Coins in EA FC 24 fast are:

1. Playing many matches
2. Opening Bronze and Silver packs
3. Getting a high rank in the Weekend League
4. Claiming the weekly rewards from the Division Rivals
5. Completing Objectives and SBCs
6. Learning how to trade
7. Investing in Fodders and Promo Cards

Whether you're a seasoned FC 24 player or a newcomer to the game, this guide will teach you how to get enough coins to fit your needs effortlessly. Understanding the complexities of this currency is essential for any football fan seeking to navigate the game's dynamic market and build a championship-caliber team.

Table of contents

In the following list, we present a little breakdown for our EA FC 24 Coins guide:

  • FC 24 Coins generalities
  • How to spend FC 24 coins?
  • Basic methods to make money in EA FC 24
  • Farming UT Coins in game modes
  • Obtaining Coins from Objectives and SBCs
  • Trading methods to make UT Coins in FC 24
  • Investing methods to make FC 24 Coins
  • Top 3 money-making methods in EA FC 24
  • FAQs
  • Final Thoughts

What are UT coins in FC 24?

Coins are the main virtual currency used in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team game mode. UT coins are a crucial aspect of FC 24 because they allow you to purchase everything you wish in the game, like powerful player cards, packs, and other in-game items that help improve your team's performance and access various in-game items and features.

Essentially, Coins are the lifeblood of FC 24 Ultimate Team, enabling gamers to tailor their experience according to their preferences.


Why are EA FC 24 Coins important?

The importance of EA FC 24 Coins consists in their versatility and influence on your gaming experience. These coins empower players to build and customize their ultimate team squad. They also have a crucial role in participating in various modes, competitions, and events, giving players a competitive edge and a chance to dominate the virtual football world.

Can you buy FC 24 Coins?

No, you cannot purchase UT Coins directly from EA SPORTS. However, you can buy FC Points from the in-game store that can be used to get various tradable player packs, and the players obtained can be sold for coins.

Although, buying boosting services in EA FC 24 is allowed, and it's an easy way to get dozens of UT Coins. You can let a professional player from KBoosting deliver any amount of FC 24 Coins to your account and enjoy buying the best players in the game effortlessly.

Is it safe to buy coins in EA FC 24?

Buying UT Coins from obscure third-party sources is highly risky and can threaten your EA SPORTS FC account. However, if you buy our FC 24 Coins, your account safety is 100% guaranteed.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience in FC 24, it is strongly recommended to avoid purchasing coins from external sources, except from KBoosting. Instead, you should focus on earning coins through in-game activities, matches, challenges, and trading on the transfer market within the parameters established by EA Sports.

Can you transfer coins from Fifa 23 to EA FC 24?

Coins and other progress do not transfer from one FIFA edition to another, so unfortunately, you can't move your coins from Fifa 23 to EA FC 24. Each FIFA installment operates independently, and player data, including coins and items, is generally limited to the specific game version.

For EA FC 24, players have a fresh start, building their Ultimate Team and accumulating coins through in-game activities unique to this edition.

Spending EA FC 24 Coins

Now that you learned what coins represent, let’s move forward and find out how and what should you spend your money in EA FC 24.

In the following list, we present all ways to spend your coins in FC 24 UT:

  • Buying all kinds of Player Cards from the transfer market.
  • Purchasing Player Packs from the store.
  • Investing in fodders that help you complete SBCs.
  • Taking a new manager or coach.
  • Purchasing player contracts and chemistry styles.
  • Getting new stadiums, kits, and badges.
  • Buying a Draft entrance to compete in this tournament.

1. Buying player cards from the transfer market

One of the primary ways to spend your EA FC 24 Coins is by acquiring player cards from the transfer market. Whether you're looking to strengthen a particular position or add a star player to your squad, the transfer market is a bustling hub where you can find a wide range of player cards.

Browse through the vast array of player cards, meticulously compare their attributes and market prices, and make calculated bids to get new players that complete your playing style.

buy player

2. Purchasing Player Packs from the store

For a chance at catching rare and valuable players, consumables, and other in-game items, investing in Player Packs from the store is an exciting option. These packs, ranging from Bronze to Ultimate or Promo Packs, hold the potential that can transform your squad. These packs can be a gamble, but the possible rewards, including top-tier players, make them a popular choice among players.

3. Investing in fodders that help you complete SBCs

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are a significant part of EA FC 24, offering unique rewards for completing specific team-building tasks. By strategically investing in fodder, relatively low-value player cards that serve as building blocks for SBCs, you can unlock valuable rewards, including unique player cards and special packs. Stay informed about upcoming SBCs and identify fodders with the potential for significant value appreciation.

4. Taking a new manager or coach

The role of a manager or coach in FC 24 goes beyond the sidelines. They influence your team's chemistry and performance. Spending your EA FC money on a new manager or coach with preferred formations and styles can positively impact your team's overall synergy and success on the virtual pitch.

5. Purchasing player contracts and chemistry styles

Allocate your FC Coins towards purchasing player contracts to keep your stars available for the following games. Additionally, consider investing in chemistry styles, which enhance specific attributes for the selected player. Spending your coins on these consumables contributes to the overall efficiency of your squad.

6. Getting new stadiums, kits, and badges

FC Coins extend beyond player acquisition and into the realm of personalization. Enhance the visual appeal of your Ultimate Team experience by purchasing new stadiums, kits, and badges. These cosmetic upgrades not only reflect your unique style but also represent a sense of pride and ownership in your team.


7. Buying a Draft entrance to compete in the Ultimate Tournament

Test your squad-building skills and compete for glory in Draft Tournaments. By purchasing a Draft entrance, you'll gain access to this exhilarating mode, where you'll draft a team from scratch and face off against other players. Draft Tournaments offer a thrilling competitive experience and the chance to earn valuable rewards. A draft entrance costs 15k Coins.

EA FC 24 offers a variety of ways to acquire coins. In the next sections, we present you all possible methods and strategies to earn money (coins) in FC 24.

Basic Methods of Making UT Coins in FC 24

Below, we present how to make FC 24 coins when you have a fresh start in Ultimate Team:

Play as many matches

The most straightforward way to earn coins in EA FC 24 is simply by playing matches. Regardless of the mode or result, every game you play will reward you with UT Coins. The amount of coins you earn will depend on various factors, such as your performance, the match's difficulty, and so on.

Even though it is not a very large amount, it can increase if you have a coin boost on your account. You can obtain a +500 or +1000 coin boost only from objectives.

match rewards

Open bronze and silver packs to make profit

While gold packs may be the popular choice, don't overlook the potential coin gains from opening bronze and silver packs. A not very popular method that can bring big profits is to open bronze packs for only 750 coins and silver packs for 3750.

You can list all valuable players and managers from the pack on the market, and you can even triple your investment. If some active objectives or SBCs require silver or bronze players, their value can increase significantly, and the profit can be much higher.

This method involves a lot of grinding time, but it is a good solution, especially at the beginning of the game. Patience is vital, as the returns from bronze and silver packs may take time but can significantly contribute to your overall coin accumulation.

Gold Premium Preview Pack

In the gold packs section, every 24 hours, you have the chance to preview for free what you can get from a premium gold pack. And if you are satisfied with the player cards and consumables you received, you can buy the pack; if not, don't buy the pack.

The chances of receiving a player more valuable than the pack are small, but some people have even earned an icon from here, so it's worth trying your luck once a day without losing anything.

Selling unuseful players to make money in EA FC 24

As you build your Ultimate Team squad, you'll inevitably acquire players that don't fit your playstyle or team chemistry. Instead of letting these players sit unused in your club, consider selling them on the Transfer Market.

There is a constant demand for players of various ratings and positions, and other gamers may be willing to pay a premium for the cards they need to enhance their squads. Even low-rated players can be sold for a decent profit, and selling a few unwanted players can quickly add up to a significant sum of coins.

Farming FC 24 Coins in Game Modes

Next, let's delve into the most profitable game modes for fast FC 24 coins farming.

Money making in Weekend League

The Weekend League is a premier competitive mode in EA FC 24, offering substantial coin rewards for those who climb the ranks. You can get rich from the Weekend League, which is the most played and challenging game mode in Ultimate Team. Here, gamers have to play a maximum of 20 matches and will be awarded 4 points for every win and only 1 point for a loss.

At the end of the competition, you will receive a certain rank with valuable prizes. You can get from 5k to 100k UT Coins along with other useful packs, depending on the number of points obtained during the tournament.

Winning matches in EA FC 24 Weekend League can be very challenging, being the most rewarding game mode; that's why you can buy KBoosting's FC 24 services and let a professional player achieve any rank you wish on your account without any effort on your part.


Getting rich through Division Rivals

Division Rivals is a consistent source of coins based on your performance and rank progression. To farm coins effectively in Division Rivals, consistently play matches and aim to climb the divisions. Higher divisions offer better rewards, including more money and packs. The rewards for this competition can be claimed every Thursday, and you can obtain from 4k UT Coins in division 10 to 45k Coins in the first division, along with other valuable packs.

rivals rewards

Squad Battles

Another weekly coins provider is Squad Battles, which is a single-player (offline) game mode in FC 24 Ultimate Team where you face AI opponents of different difficulties. You will earn points for every victory to fill a progress bar that helps you rank up. At the end of the week, you can obtain from 1k to 65k UT Coins, depending on your rank.

UT Draft

Another way to make coins in FC 24 is to compete in an UT Draft, which is an online/offline game mode where you have to create a new squad with random player picks for each position and play in a tournament of a maximum 4 matches. If you win a game, you will advance to the championship, but if you lose one - you are out!

To enter this competition, you have to pay 15k Fifa coins, and at the end of the tournament, you will receive some random player packs. This method does not guarantee you a fixed amount of coins because your skills in the game matter a lot.

Note: If you ask me, you can easily make significant profits by selling players from packs, from one win up.

Tips and Tricks to make Coins from the Game Modes in FC 24

In the following list, we present some valuable tips and tricks to farm coins in EA FC 24 from game modes:

  • Win Matches - The primary way to earn UT Coins from Game Modes is to win matches. The more you win, the more money you make.
  • Progress consistently - Aim for promotion to higher divisions / ranks to earn higher coin rewards.
  • Spend time in skill training - Invest in improving your skills in friendly matches or training arena, before participating in a competition. In this way, you can perform better in important matches, leading to more rewards.
  • Team Management - Optimize your team lineup based on your playstyle, opponent’s players, and the score. This may increase your chances of success and enhance your rewards.
  • Play during off-peak hours - Scheduling your matches during less popular hours can reduce the chances of facing highly skilled opponents.

Get rich in EA FC 24 by completing Objectives

Objectives are a great way to earn valuable rewards, including players, packs, and coins. These objectives range from simple tasks, such as scoring a certain number of goals or assisting with specific players, to more complex challenges, such as winning a certain number of matches in a particular game mode.

Smartly leveraging these objectives can be a good source of coins. Keep an eye on both daily and long-term objectives, ensuring that you align your gameplay with the listed tasks.

New objectives are added frequently, so be sure to check the Objectives menu often to see what new opportunities are available.


Completing Squad Building Challenges to make coins

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are an activity in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team where players must create a squad that meets specific requirements, such as having a particular overall rating or containing players from a specific league or nation.

There are several types of SBCs available in FC 24, like Basic, Advanced, Upgrades, Live, Icons, and Swaps. Even if you don't get coins directly from here, you can look for challenges with tradeable player packs as rewards for selling them on the transfer market. An excellent way to fill these SBCs is to use untradable players from your club to get tradable packs.

To optimize your money making through SBCs, carefully evaluate the market for player cards needed for the challenges. Acquire these items strategically to minimize costs and maximize profits. Focus on completing high-reward challenges that align with your squad-building objectives.

Getting rich via Trading in FC 24. Best Trading methods

Trading is one of the best ways to make coins in EA FC 24, which can grant you thousands of coins daily. It involves buying players at a low price and reselling them for a profit. This can be achieved through various methods, each with its own set of intricacies.

Bulk Biding

This is one of the easiest methods to make money (coins) every day. With Bulk Bidding, you have to choose a specific Gold Rare Player and find his lowest "buy now" on the market. Then go to the pricing filter and set the maximum price for your selected player to be much lower than the lowest "buy now" you found earlier.

Next, take a couple of thousand coins away and start bidding on every single card you see until you run out of coins or max out your watchlist at 50 cards. Wait 1 hour and return to your watchlist to see how many of them you won.

It's unlikely to win every card because many gamers use this method, but if you choose a good player, you should win the majority. Then, you must list on the transfer market all players at the lowest "buy now" you searched earlier, meaning you just make a couple of hundred coins profit per every player.

Bulk Biding


Sniping involves quickly identifying and purchasing undervalued items before others have a chance. This method requires sharp reflexes and a keen understanding of market prices.

First, you must choose a specific player card and look for his smallest "buy now" price. Let's say you find a player card whose cheapest buy now is 2.5K Coins. Further, you have to customize your pricing filter as follows: Max Price - 1 million, and Max Buy Now - 2k.

Then, all you have to do is continuously search and refresh the market until some players appear in the list, and you have to buy it right away, so make sure you don't take someone else before. Grab up these players swiftly and resell them at their regular value to turn a profit.

Chemistry Style

The next trading method refers to Chemistry Styles, which enhance specific attributes of players, making them more desirable in the transfer market. By carefully selecting and applying Chemistry Styles to your players, you can increase their market value and potentially make a profit when selling them.

For starters, you have to choose popular gold rare players that gamers could use in their primary team. Then, you have to look for the cheapest "buy now" for their basic card, and the cheapest "buy now" for their card with a chemistry style applied.

If the price difference is reasonable, this is an excellent player to use this method. The most used chemistry style for attack players is Hunter, and for the defensive is Shadow. Then, all you have to do is to buy some basic player cards, apply a chemistry style, and sell them with a significant profit.

Tips and Tricks to make Coins from the Trading Methods in FC 24

In the following list, we present some valuable tips and tricks to excel in trading in EA FC 24:

  • Research and Market Analysis - Before diving into trading, conduct thorough research on player prices and market trends. Identify high-demand players with low supply. This will guide your trading decisions and increase your chances of success.
  • Patience and Vigilance - Trading requires patience and vigilance. Don't expect to strike gold overnight. Stay active on the Transfer Market, constantly monitoring player prices and opportunities.
  • Budget Management - Manage your coin budget wisely. Don't overextend yourself on high-risk investments. Start small, build your profits, and gradually expand your trading ventures.

Moving on, let’s check out another essential money making method in EA FC 24: Investing.

Investing Methods to make profit

Investing is an excellent way to earn a significant amount of UT Coins in EA FC 24. It involves identifying player cards that are expected to increase in value over time and purchasing them at a favorable price. This can be achieved through various methods, each with its own set of advantages.

Promo Cards

Promo cards, often released during special events, promotions, or in-game celebrations, can be excellent investment opportunities. These cards typically experience a surge in demand due to their limited availability and enhanced attributes, making them highly sought after in the transfer market.

EA releases new types of unique cards every single week on Fridays (Future Stars, Road to the Finals, Winter Wildcards, Team of the Year, etc.). You don't have to rush to buy these cards as soon as they are released because that time is when they are the most expensive.

The best moment to invest is one week after when they are about to expire and a new team is about to be released. All you have to do is to buy some cheap player cards and keep them in your club because their price will gradually increase.


Fodders are gold rare players that are used in SBCs. Their price fluctuates depending on what kind of SBCs are currently available. Investing in fodders involves acquiring these players at a low cost and selling them at a higher price when the demand increases due to SBC requirements or other in-game events.

A good time to invest in this kind of players is in quiet periods with only a few SBCs available, usually when unpopular promos appear. At that moment, it is essential to invest in bulk in different 85-87 rated fodders and keep them in your club until a valuable SBC is released, like Icon packs, powerful Special Cards, 85x 10 players pack, etc.

Understanding the SBC requirements and predicting potential future demands for specific players can be the key to successful fodder investments.


Tips and Tricks to make money using Investments in FC 24

To truly excel as an investor in EA FC 24, adopting a strategic approach is essential. Here are some tips to help you maximize your profits:

  • Market Research and Trend Analysis - Before investing, conduct in-depth research on the market, identifying promo cards with high demand or fodders with potential price fluctuations. Understanding market trends and player dynamics is crucial for making informed investment decisions.
  • Timing is Crucial - Timing your investments carefully can make a significant difference. Purchase promo cards when they are about to expire, when demand is not so high as at start. Similarly, buy fodders in bulk during off-peak periods and sell them during promo events.
  • Diversification - Diversify your investments by buying a variety of promo cards and fodders. This will help mitigate risk and spread your investments across different asset classes.
  • Patience and Discipline - Investing requires patience and discipline. Don't expect instant returns. Stay committed to your investment strategy and avoid making impulsive decisions based on short-term price fluctuations.

Top 3 methods to get rich in FC 24

Above we have presented all the possible methods of making coins, but obviously, some are more profitable than others. Here are the most efficient ways to make coins in EA FC 24:

1. Trading Methods - Bulk Biding and Sniping.
2. Investing Method - Promo Cards
3. Farming Ultimate Team Coins in the Weekend League

Frequently Asked Questions – EA FC 24 COINS

What are Coins in FC 24?

Coins are the main currency in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

How can you spend Coins in EA FC 24?

You can spend your UT Coins in various ways such as: buying players, managers, kits, packs, and even participating in some competitions.

Can you buy FC 24 Coins?

No, you can’t buy UT Coins from EA SPORTS.

What is the best way to make coins as a beginner in EA FC 24?

The best method to make money when you have a fresh start in FC 24 is to play as many matches.

Which is the most coin rewarding game mode in FC 24?

You can obtain high amount of Coins from the Weekend League (Champions Finals).

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many strategies to make coins in EA FC 24 that can help players build a strong team and achieve their desired goals in the game. From completing Squad Building Challenges to participating in UT Champions and investing in players, there are various approaches that can bring you great results.

However, it is essential to remember that making UT Coins in FC 24 requires time, effort, and careful planning. By implementing these strategies and staying up-to-date with the latest market trends, players can increase their chances of success and enjoy a more rewarding gaming experience.

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