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Lost Ark Collectibles Services

Completing specific activities or challenging questline can reward you with different types of collectibles. These items form a collection with a couple of stages of rewards; gathering a particular amount of that collectible will give you a valuable prize obtained from an NPC. There are several collectibles that you might need help to accumulate:

  • Island Token
  • Giant's Hearts
  • Masterpieces
  • Mokoko Seeds
  • Sea Bounties
  • Omnium Stars
  • World Tree Leaves
  • Ignea Tokens

At, our central focus is to deliver the best quality in the shortest time.

Why are Collectibles so important?

One of the essential boosting paths for your character is skill points. Players can acquire Skill Point potions through collectibles. Every character has certain breakpoints that grant access to extra tripods for your skills.

Another essential path for your character is traveling speed. Players can acquire mounts through collectibles, making any trip faster and more enjoyable.

Stat Increase Potions are extremely important for your character, boosting its capabilities to do specific interactions. Raising your combat stats increases your critical chance, attack power, HP, swiftness, and endurance.

Runes can change the experience in the game. Every upgrade boosts your character's power and survivability, making a difference in various activities. You can exchange your tokens in any capital city for rewards like mounts, auras, stat increase potions, runes, Bifrost key, etc.

What are Island Tokens & Giant's Hearts, and why should you have them?

Island Tokens are items players can acquire by sailing to regular islands, available in oceans and seas. Each island has its iLvl requirement to visit, and they can unlock several types of rewards such as greater stat potions, emotes, skill point potions, masterpieces, secret maps, stronghold statues, mounts, etc.

Giant's Hearts are collectibles that players can acquire in different ways:

  • Quests
  • Rapport with NPCs
  • Field Boss – RNG Drop
  • The Tower - Floor 35

You can exchange your Giant's Hearts at Minerva NPC on Wisdom Isle for rewards like stats potions, skill point potions, runes, masterpieces, etc.

What are Sea Bounties & Omnium Stars, and why should you have them?

A Sea Bounty is an activity where you have to adventure into a secret map, get into the spotted place and dig up the reward. The players can unlock secret maps through various activities:

  • Adventurer's Tome
  • Merchant Exchange
  • Rapport with NPCs

Omnium Stars are collectibles that players can obtain via quests, rapport with NPCs, or trading. Players can exchange them for valuable rewards like stat increase potion, skill point potion, runes, etc.

You can exchange your Omnium Stars at Albion NPC, located in Nia Village.

What are Masterpieces & Mokoko Seeds, and why should you have them?

Masterpieces are collectibles that players can exchange on Sunflower Island for runes, gold, and card decks. They are a total of 60 pieces with multiple acquisition ways like Adventurer's tome, treasure maps, merchant exchange, reputation, etc.

Mokoko Seeds are the easiest to notice in the early game, and this type of collectible can be found on the ground and picked up by interacting with it. You can exchange your Mokoko seeds at Totoma NPC, located in Tortoyk's Mokoko Village.

What are World Tree Leaves & Ignea Tokens, and why should you have them?

World Tree Leaves are collectibles locked by Life Skills, and players can obtain them from specific nodes on the maps. You can exchange them in any capital city for rewards like life skill XP potion, crafting kits, masterpieces, etc.

Ignea Tokens are collectibles acquired by completing regions in your Adventurer's Tome. Reaching 100% in a continent gives you the corresponding Ignea Token. You can exchange your tokens in any capital city for rewards like mounts, auras, stat increase potions, runes, Bifrost key, etc.