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Our Division 1 Leveling is a service that helps you skip the grind and jump straight into the End-Game quickly. We work with pro boosters that will log into your account and level up, focusing on safety & efficiency. At KBoosting, you can buy TD1 level boost for your Agent, such as Character, Dark Zone, Underground Leveling, or Missions completion.
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Our Division 1 Leveling services get a pro player to grind and reach max lvl for your agent lightning-fast.

Our Division 1 leveling services are available ONLY with account sharing (Piloted mode). A booster will log into your TD1 account to level up in the quickest & most efficient way.

Best Division 1 Leveling Services:

We provide various Leveling services to cover all progression systems in Division 1. Our offer includes the following:

  • Character Leveling (LZ) 1-30
  • Dark Zone Leveling (DZ) 1-99
  • Underground Leveling 1-40
  • Missions Boost (Main Story, Side Missions, Encounters)

At KBoosting, we constantly research and update all leveling services to ensure we have fair prices and cover all progression areas where you need help.

We have provided Division 1 boosting services since 2016, worked with professional teams, and continuously improve service quality, so our experience speaks for us.


Division 1 Leveling services are the fastest way to get into the end-game & skip the grindy process.

There are 3 ways to level up in The Division 1:

  • • Go through the main story and complete the side quests yourself - very time-consuming.
  • • Ask a more advanced friend to carry you through the missions - pretty quickly.
  • Buy a TD1 level boost from us - the fastest option.

Reasons to buy a Division 1 level boost:

  • LZ leveling from 1 to 30 is very time-consuming. It can be done only by completing the campaign and going through multiple side activities.
  • DZ leveling is a challenging PvEvP environment where you level up & get loot by killing mobs, but the rogues always wait and rob you at extraction points. If you get killed, you lose XP, which makes it extremely difficult.
  • Underground Leveling is a complex PvE activity. 1-40 takes a lot of time and requires very powerful builds.

At KBoosting, we offer leveling services for all these progression systems to help you build an unstoppable agent effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to level fast in Division 1?
To reach max level in Division 1, you must complete all the main story missions, along with side missions and other objectives on the map until you gain enough XP. Discovering locations on the map, kill streaks and headshots will provide bonus XP and help you get to Level 30 in LZ.
How long does it take to reach max level in Division 1?
If you are playing Division 1 alone, you can get to level 30 in approximately 5-6 days. Using our Division 1 leveling servces will get your agent to max level in 1-2 days, drastically reducing the grind, and getting you straight to the end-game.
What to do after level 30 in Division 1?
After reaching Level 30 in Division 1, you can enjoy the PvE & PvP activities, such as Dark Zone and Underground. You will have to farm rare items and build the best loadout for your agent to be able to keep up in the challenging activities of the end-game.
What is the max level in the Division 1?
The max character level (LZ) you can achieve in Division 1 is 30, but after reaching it, you will have two more progression systems available: Dark Zone Rank (1-99) and Underground Level (1-40). To level up in DZ & Underground you must obtain powerful gear and optimize your build, because the enemies you will face are tougher.
Is it Safe to buy Division 1 Leveling services?
We provide TD1 boosting services since 2016, completed thousands of orders and never encountered any security issue, so we can definetely claim that our Division 1 services are 100% safe. Our reputation speaks for ourselves. For extra security, if you buy a Division 1 level boost, that requires account sharing, we can use a VPN of your country and stream the boost aswell.