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Self Play
This service can only be delivered in piloted mode because it requires a considerable time investment or a skill set unavailable for most customers.
We have completed thousands of orders using the piloted mode and never faced any bans or suspensions, so we can confidently say that is very safe to use even though giving us your login information may seem a bit scary.
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Our WoW: Classic Fresh Character bundle helps you create a new character and acquire a build ready to take down even Lich king, so you don't have to waste time on the leveling and gearing process. By buying this package, we will prepare your character for any essential activity in WotLK.

Our boosters are elite PvE players that will prepare your new character with a Full PvE end-game build ready for any activity.


This service is available with Piloted mode (account sharing) – a professional booster logs into your account and fulfills the WotLK Fresh Character Bundle. When the order is done, you will receive an e-mail and notification to log back in.


The ETA for Fresh Character Bundle is variable, depending on the desired additional options chosen:

  • Silver Bundle – Takes 12 to 14 Days.
  • Gold Bundle – Takes 14 to 16 Days.
  • Diamond Bundle – Takes 20 to 24 Days.

If you choose the Express option, your order will be treated as a high priority, so the ETA will be 30% lower.


  • Silver Bundle Service contains the following options:
  • Gold Bundle Service contains the following options:
  • Diamond Bundle Service contains the following options:
    • Level 0-80 character – Class and Specialization of your desire!
    • Access to all dungeons of the current Expansion.
    • Full Blue 250 iLvl Gear.
    • 4x Exalted Reputation.
    • Sons of Hodir Exalted(shoulders enchant).


  • Server - You can select your server United States or Europe.
  • Additional Options - You can select your desired item level.
  • Side - Tell us if you want your character to be created on Alliance or Horde.
  • Select Class - You can select the desired class of your new character.
  • Realm & Character Name - Please complete the textbox with your desired realm and character name.
  • Delivery Speed - Normal - we will place your order in the queue, and when it's your turn, we will complete it. Express - your order will be treated as a high priority, so the first booster to become available will start your order.


  • To be eligible for this service, you must have a World of Warcraft Account with an active Subscription.


Must-Have Reputations in WOTLK

Reaching revered with one of the main Northrend factions (Kirin Tor, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Argent Crusade, Wyrmrest Accord) unlocks a powerful head enchant for your character. The enchantment is a must for PvE and PvP content.

  • Physical DPS – Knights of the Ebon Blade (revered)
  • Tank – Argent Crusade (revered)
  • Caster DPS – Kirin Tor (revered)
  • Healer – Wyrmrest Accord (revered)


We recommend reading the Wowhead guide to find more information on how to start working on your new character in WotLK.

Please feel free to contact us on live chat or the discord server for more information on our WotLK Fresh Character Bundle Boosting service. We are here for you 24/7!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you start working on my boost?
Usually we start boosting a couple minutes after the order is placed and the payment is processed. There are couple exceptions though when we might be overloaded, when the request on services is very high, such as new expansion launches. After purchasing a WoW Boost, you will schedule the service together with the manager in advance, so the team is ready for you whenever it suits you better. Even if we can’t start working on your order right away, before purchasing, the manager will let you know when your boost can be provided.
Is it safe to buy boosting services?
We provide boosting services since 2013, completed thousands of orders as self played and piloted mode and we NEVER encountered any issue, so we can definetely claim that our WoW boosting services are 100% safe. Our reputation speaks for ourselves. For extra security, in case you buy a WoW boosting service that requires account sharing, we can use a VPN of your country and stream the boost aswell.
Do you have the best prices?
When it comes to prices, at KBoosting we have fair prices, which reflect the skill and time needed to invest in order to obtain the goal the client goes for. We try to keep our prices as low as possible, and please keep in mind that every WoW boosting service provided by KBoosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, etc.
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