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Our Cataclysm PvP Boosting services help you achieve any PvP-related goals lightning-fast. The veteran WoW Classic boosters are very skilled pro Players with a lot of experience and have repeatedly proven themselves. Our PvP Carries offer consists of services that speed up your progression in competitive activities.
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PvP is a very challenging activity in WoW Classic that requires good skills, tactics, and a good team. Players have to train a lot to improve their PvP skills and to be able to succeed.

That's why we come to your support, and we provide PvP boosting services completed by professional boosters with a lot of experience.

Below, you can check the list of our best Cataclysm PvP boosting services:

  • Arena 2 VS 2.

  • Arena 3 VS 3.

  • Arena 5 VS 5.

  • Honor Points.

  • PvP Titles.

At KBoosting, we have only worked with verified professional boosters since 2013 and have never encountered any issues. We have hundreds of happy customers who recommend us.


A WoW Classic PvP Booster is an experienced player who has spent thousands of hours in Cataclysm and can complete any PvP goal without effort.

To become one, you must meet some essential criteria:

  • • Have the skill to beat any PvP activity easily.
  • • Be a dedicated gamer and focus continuously on improving your gameplay.
  • • Be proactive and have a customer-related way of thinking.
  • • Have an impressive WoW Profile (Achievements, PvP Stats, etc.)

As a customer, whenever you buy Cata PvP boosting services, account safety should be your biggest concern.

It's a known fact that WoW Classic is a very complex game that requires a lot of grinding, so an unknown booster found on random forums or marketplace might use cheats, bots, or exploits that can get your account permanently banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PvP boosting in WoW Cataclysm?
In World of Warcraft, the term PvP boosting means a professional player logs into your account and wins matches for you, raises your rating, and builds the best gear set for you, pushing your character beyond limits. Our team is also ready to carry you through competitive activities and teach you the best tactics.
How does Cataclysm PvP differ from previous expansions, and why should I get involved?
In Cataclysm, the PvP rating system has been revamped, and new battlegrounds and the Tol Barad zone are available for large-scale world PvP. Gear rewards are more accessible, including powerful Vicious mounts obtainable through PvP achievements.
Can your Cataclysm PvP boosting services help me reach high arena ratings?
Yes! Our experienced Cataclysm PvP boosters specialize in Cataclysm arena combat. We offer 2v2 and 3v3 carry services to help you climb the ranks quickly and efficiently, unlocking those coveted PvP rewards.
Do your Cataclysm PvP boosting services help me get a Vicious mount?
Yes, they are! Vicious mounts in Cataclysm are earned through PvP achievements, often requiring specific arena ratings or battleground victories. Our boosting services can accelerate your progress toward these goals, helping you unlock your desired PvP mounts faster.
When do you start working on my Cataclysm PVP boost?
Usually, we boost a couple of minutes after the order is placed and the payment is processed. There are a couple of exceptions, though, when we might be overloaded, when the request for services is very high, such as new expansion launches. Even if we can’t start working on your order right away, before purchasing, the manager will let you know when your boost can be provided.
How long does the Cataclysm PvP Boosting service take?
Delivery time depends on the requested service and how much time and work we need to invest in getting the job done. Most orders are being handled and completed within a couple of hours after the boost starts.
Is it safe to buy Cataclysm boosting services?
We have provided boosting services since 2013 and completed thousands of orders in self-played and piloted mode. We have NEVER encountered any issues, so we can claim that our WoW PvP Boosting services are 100% safe, and our reputation speaks for itself. For extra security, if you buy a Cata PvP Boosting service that requires account sharing, we can use a VPN of your country and stream the boost.