In this section we present a wide selection of Diablo 3 build farming services, specially designed for those players who aim for a guaranteed, perfect functional build delivered by Kboosting. Getting a Diablo 3 custom build requires a lot of grinding: 1-70 leveling, climbing through all game difficulties untill Torment 16, obtaining the required gear, the good stats on it, those high ranked legendary gems and so on, all these could take days if not weeks to achieve.
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Diablo 3 builds - Who will benefit the most ?

We designed the Diablo 3 custom builds category specially for those players who want to skip all the grinding process for their new characters and get their end game builds ready in no time. Whether it is a new season start or you simply want to try out a new class or build, now you can buy Diablo 3 builds here and let our boosters prepare the desired build on your account.

These Diablo 3 custom builds can be delivered only as piloted services, with account sharing.

If you buy full ancient build for example, we will guarantee the requested build on your character, while having only ancient items equipped.

If you opt for a Diablo 3 T16 farming build for your character, we guarantee the delivery of a efficient, fast clearing T16 build for nephalem rifts for materials or greater rift keystones farming.

For example if you want to buy the best necromancer build, you can select the Diablo 3 complete build for necromancer in our store, the level of guaranteed greater rift solo capability and we will take your character to that level in no time. Whether it is a Diablo 3 GR push build or speed farming build, we got it all covered.

You can also buy GR 120+ Support builds in this category, for end-game content and group play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you find in the Diablo 3 builds section?
In the Diablo 3 builds section you can buy D3 builds: full ancient builds, class specific GR push builds, speed farming builds etc. We guarantee the delivery of a Diablo 3 build specially tailored for any need.
Who is the Diablo 3 build farming section meant for?
The Diablo 3 custom builds section comes to serve any player who wants to have his/her desired build taken care of and ready in no time. Whether it is a GR120+ support build, a full ancient build, T16 speedfarming build etc, we guarantee the delivery of a perfectly functional Diablo 3 build for your character.
How long do the build services take for completion?
These Diablo 3 build farming services offered by Kboosting come with different delivery times, depending on the amount of time and work needed to invest in order to achieve the service’s goal. If the T16 speedfarm build, GR 80 build, GR 90 build can be delivered within 24-48 hours after the boost has started, we are though looking at increased delivery times for any Full ancient build, GR 100 ready build, GR 110 ready build, GR 120+ support build which can take up to 96+ hours to complete.
When do you start working on my custom build?
We start working on your build couple minutes after the order is placed and the payment is processed. There might be exceptions when we are overloaded such as new season launches, but even if we can’t start working on your order right away, the manager will let you know when your Diablo 3 complete build can be delivered.
How can these builds be delivered?
Whether you choose a Diablo 3 GR push build, full ancient build, T16 speed farming build etc, we require access to the client’s account. These services can’t be deliverd as self played mode because they all require a lot of time for completion and it would be nearly impossible to syncronize the client’s and booster’s schedules for so long.
What are the most popular builds ?
The top Diablo 3 builds offered by Kboosting are the GR80-110 ready builds, class specific Diablo 3 GR push builds, followed by the torment 16 speedfarming builds and the full ancient builds.
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