Paragon Leveling Boost

Self Play
The self play delivery mode requires your to play with the boosting team. It's very safe, fast, and fun.
We have completed thousands of orders using the piloted mode and never faced any bans or suspensions, so we can confidently say that is very safe to use even though giving us your login information may seem a bit scary.
Total price: $

Build is not included unless you tick the "Add GR90 build" checkbox in extra options section.


Here you can buy Diablo 3 paragon leveling for your character, all classes supported.

By using this service, we will carry your character through high GR runs in a full 4man party for incredible paragon power leveling, fast paragon points, gem leveling and items farming.

If you buy Diablo 3 paragon boosting service from us, all the items that drop during the boost will be passed to you as unidentified gear.

All of our booster’s accounts have primal items unlocked, so you have a triple chance of getting primal ancient items aswell.

Our boosters can manage between 10-15x high GR speedruns per hour, on greater rift 120+ difficulty.

That means an incredible amount of XP and paragon points you can get, depending on your current paragon level.

You can customize your own D3 paragon boosting service by selecting the current and the desired paragon level you want your character to end up with.

The Diablo 3 paragon leveling service is available for piloted mode only.


Our Diablo 3 paragon power leveling is the best service if you are looking for incredible fast XP and paragon points gain for your character.

When you buy D3 paragon carry services from us, you will run together with our professional boosters high greater rift runs and will receive any single legendary and set item that drops for the whole duration of the boost, as unidentified loot.


There are no gear requirements for this type of service.

When you buy Diablo paragon power leveling from us, you will need to pass the battlenet account’s credentials, remove the authenticator (if active) and don’t log the account untill the boost is complete and we got the desired paragon levels for your character.

We take all these measures in order to provide a safe boost, avoid kicking out the booster while getting boosted, any IP conflicts etc.

If by any chance you want to log in the account while getting boosted, please contact the manager in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get by purchasing Diablo 3 paragon power leveling?
When you buy paragon power leveling from us, you get extremely fast XP, paragon points, items and gem leveling for your character.
How long does the D3 paragon boosting service take?
Delivery depends directly on the current paragon level of your character and the paragon level you want it to end up with. Upon placing the order, the manager will provide an ETA for your boost completion.
How can the Diablo 3 paragon leveling service be delivered?
The paragon power leveling service is available for both self played and piloted modes.
When does the paragon leveling service start?
The Diablo 3 paragon power leveling service starts couple minutes after the order is placed and the payment is processed. The only exceptions are when we are overloaded, when the request on services is very high, such as season launches. But even then, if we can’t start working on your order right away, the manager will let you know when your boost can be taken care of.
Is it safe to buy Diablo 3 paragon power leveling?
The answer is absolutely YES. Every service provided by KBoosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, bots. All the runs are being cleared manually by the boosters so everything is safe 100%.
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