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Character power leveling in New World

Power leveling represents achieving an in-game objective quickly and efficiently by using the most optimal farming and leveling techniques. When we power level, we speed up the process of a particular in-game activity. This leveling guide contains all the information you need to get your New World character to max level fast and effortlessly.

With the Brimstone Sands expansion, the main story questline has been revamped, and there were several changes and updates to streamline the leveling process. Whether you are a new player or starting a character on the fresh-start servers and looking for the fastest leveling method in New World, this guide is exactly what you need. Follow our leveling tips, and you will get to max level in roughly 30 hours!

Key Takeaways

The fastest way to level up in New World in 2024:

  • Complete the main story quests
  • Complete side missions while working on the storyline quests
  • Join a faction for character power leveling and extra XP
  • Complete faction missions only if it's worth it
  • Avoid the town board missions when leveling
  • Postpone your trade skills leveling until you are max level
  • Stick to the same weapon types when leveling your character
  • Maximize your traveling efficiency

Now let's see how character powerleveling works in New World, some leveling tips and tricks, and how to get to max level in a breeze. Let's get started!

Leveling changes in the Brimstone Sands update

With the release of Brimstone Sands, the New World main story questline has been revamped, and there were several changes and updates to streamline the leveling process. The most impactful change in New World's leveling process is the major reduction of character experience needed to reach the max level.

Here are some key factors that make the leveling journey a lot faster in the Brimstone Sands update:

  • The whole 1-25 leveling experience has changed with revamped starting areas and streamlined quests
  • 140% character XP reduction through level 45
  • 160% character XP reduction through level 60

For a better view of the XP required per level and the total XP needed to get to 60, you can check this New World Database article. Now let's see how to power level your character and get to the max level in no time.


1. Complete the main story quests

Main story quests, also referred to as "MSQ", represent the main source of XP when leveling your character. You must complete the main storyline to obtain your Azoth Staff, which will be used for multiple activities on your way and post level 60.

As you level up, the campaign will carry you through the different areas in Aeternum. However, the XP granted by the main missions won't get you to the max level, so you need to get some additional XP, called filler XP, by completing various activities, such as side quests, faction missions, corrupted portals, and expeditions.

Note: In the past, the best filler XP was obtained by completing town board missions, but this method has been significantly nerfed.

2. Complete side missions while working on the storyline quests

The fastest leveling method in New World in the Brimstone Sands update is to multitask and work on main missions and side quests simultaneously. You must be careful, though! Not all side quests are worth going for, XP-wise, while leveling your character. Whenever you pick up side missions, make sure they take you in the vicinity of the main quests' area. Side missions are great for fast character leveling as they reward big chunks of XP and are usually very easy to complete.

However, I strongly recommend you don't go out of your way to pick up a side mission if the quest marker is placed far from the main mission area or you don't have a fast travel point close to it. These are usually chain quests that require you to go back and forth to complete various tasks, and all that extra traveling will not be worth it. Ideally, you aim for those side missions you pick up and close in the towns, as you will anyway visit the settlements to work on the main storyline.

side missions stacked up

3. Join a faction = Faster character leveling

If you want to speed up your leveling process and get to max level in no time, joining one of the three New World's factions is a MUST. You can do this as soon as you reach level 17. Okay, but how does this affect our character leveling? How does joining a faction in New World speed up the leveling process? - You might ask.

Well, when leveling your character up to level 60, there are 2 major benefits for being part of a faction: you unlock faction missions and receive 10% increased XP while playing with PvP mode on. There are 3 factions in the game (Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant), and no matter which faction you decide to join, they all come with the same benefits.

4. Complete faction missions only if it's worth it

There is a faction vendor in almost every settlement, and you can pick up to 6 faction missions from any faction quartermaster - 3 PvE missions and 3 PvP missions. It's highly recommended only to pick up and complete the PvE ones! Simply because when picking up PvP missions, you cannot teleport back to town, and you will have to run back all the way to the settlement to turn your quests in. We are looking for the fastest way to level up, so we will absolutely avoid that.

So every time you visit a settlement to pick up/turn in your main or side missions, check out what faction missions are available for you in that area. The only PvE faction missions worth picking up will be the ones that take you in the vicinity of the main missions and side missions areas and don't involve extra-traveling to complete. Also, if you are leveling your character through expeditions, the expedition-related faction missions are totally worth it.

faction missions

5. Avoid the town board missions when leveling

Town board missions used to be one of the best leveling methods in New World back in the day, before the whole leveling experience was revamped with the Brimstone Sands update. The XP granted by these missions was nerfed to the ground by approximately 70%, so completing these missions is extremely ineffective nowadays!

If you plan on using the town board missions to level up your character, you will be wasting a lot of time and resources. You will be better off selling those resources to the trading post, getting some gold, and investing it in your post-level 60 character progression.

6. Postpone your trade skills leveling until you are max level

If you are looking for the fastest way to level up in New World, avoid working on your trade skills early on! I highly recommend leveling the trade skills only once you reach level 60. You are indeed getting character XP when using any of your trade skills (gathering, refining, and crafting), but overall it will drastically slow down your leveling process.

You will waste a lot of time gathering resources and refining reagents required for crafting. You can focus on your trade skills leveling once you are max level, with all the areas and travel points unlocked on the map.

There are 18 trade skills you can work on in New World, but do yourself a favor and consider this part one as of your end-game projects and ignore it while power leveling your character:

trade skills menu

7. Stick to the same weapon types when leveling your character

In New World, there are 14 weapon types you can choose from, but you can only equip and use 2 at a time. My strongest advice is to decide what kind of weapons would be the perfect fit to match your playstyle and stick to them for your whole leveling journey. It's very tempting to try out and use all of them, which is totally understandable, but switching to multiple weapon classes will make your character leveling much slower. Why? You might ask.

When using a weapon and killing enemies with it, you gain weapon experience that transforms into weapon points. You will use the weapon points to work on your weapon mastery and unlock additional skills and perks for that particular weapon class. So you will get stronger and stronger while using that type of weapon.

If you keep switching weapons, that's not the case anymore. On top of that, you can level up your weapons once you are level 60 a lot faster because you are getting a lot more weapon XP per kill when at max level! So don't worry. You'll get to try out and level up all your weapons in the end game.

What are the best weapons to use when leveling your character? The ones that you enjoy the most. Simple as that. If you ask me - I prefer the melee playstyle, so I find the hatchet and the great axe the best weapons for fast leveling. They come with great skills, perks, and abilities that are very helpful when leveling your character, especially early on.

weapons menu

8. Maximize your traveling efficiency

When leveling up your New World character, you face a lot of traveling in the Aeternum universe. The story will walk you through all the zones in the game, so it's best to maximize your traveling efficiency.

How to maximize your traveling efficiency when powerleveling your character:

  • Travel on the roads for a 15% increased movement speed; shortcuts aren't always the best option
  • Unlock the fast travel points when questing in an area
  • Use the Inn feature as frequently as possible
  • When the story takes you to a new town, register to its Innkeeper
  • Don't travel to turn in just one mission; wait for more and complete them at once

9. Other sources of XP for fast leveling in New World

Apart from what we've already discussed in our New World leveling guide, here are some extra tips to get additional XP for your character:

  • Pick up lore notes that you can find on the ground while questing
  • Keep an eye on the chat channels for corruption portals farming groups
  • Keep an eye on the chat channels for expedition farming groups
  • If you unlocked access to certain expeditions, use the group finder feature to find a party more easier
  • If you unlocked access to expeditions' repeatable quests, always pick them up and turn them for every run

Final thoughts

This covers everything regarding power leveling tips and the best way to get to max level in New World in the new Brimstone Sands update. This is proven to be the best character leveling method from everything I've tested. I wanted to share my thoughts with you, hoping that by following this guide, your character leveling will be easier, faster, and, of course, a more pleasant experience.

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