New World Gold Farming Guide For 2024

New World Gold Guide

What does New World gold farming represent?

In New World, gold is the main in-game currency the players use to purchase equipment, materials, houses, and even settlements. Technically referred to as "coins", it is also used for crafting, repairing, and trading activities. You can obtain coins as a reward for completing various activities such as missions, expeditions, crafting, and trading.

New World gold farming is the process of intensively completing activities to stock the main in-game currency while using the most efficient acquisition methods. This guide will teach you how to get gold in New World by using the best farming techniques in 2024 and how to transform your character into a real money-making machine.

How I reached the gold cap in New World. My first 500k coins

My leveling adventure started shortly after the game was released. So within 100 hours of playtime, I reached the max level. While leveling, I had enough coins to buy my first Tier 1 house, and gold didn't seem to be an issue. So back then, I didn't focus on gold farming as it wasn't necessary yet.

The coins I was receiving for completing the missions were enough to cover all my leveling expenses, such as purchasing items or upgrading and repairing my gear. Everything went smoothly up to level 65 when I reached the end game. Things changed a lot when I started working on my trade skills, and I realized I was running very low on gold, so I had to find a way to make money to maintain my skills leveling.

At that time, the best way to make money in New World was to use the gathering skills to farm raw materials and sell them at the trading post. I took advantage of the fact that I was already max level with full access to all the areas in the game, and I was able to farm for any tier of raw material out there. I focused on mining, and that brought me my first 100k coins. I had enough gold to stop farming for raw materials and focus on the trading post upon reaching that milestone.

From that point on, my whole gold farming relied on flipping items at the trading post: I used to buy low and sell high all day long, and that got me gold-capped in about three weeks.

getting gold capped in new world

It was an amazing experience, but things have changed a lot. Now there are many other ways to make easy money in the game, so if you are looking to find out how to farm gold in New World, this guide will answer all of your questions.

Gold farming guide - Contents

Before I introduce you to the money-making world, here's what we will be focusing on in this guide:

  • Why do you have to farm gold in New World?
  • How much gold can you farm by using this guide?
  • The history of money-making in New World
  • The best New World gold farming methods in 2024
  • How to make money in New World while leveling 1-65
  • The best ways to make money on a fresh level 65 character
  • The best gold farming methods in the end-game
  • Items that are in high demand now. Best money-making items in the game

So you are about to find out what you need gold for, how to farm it, and the best money-making methods in the New World game. Let's get started!

Why do you have to farm gold in New World?

As previously mentioned, gold represents the primary in-game currency you get rewarded for completing various activities such as main missions, side missions, faction missions, expeditions, or trading. Okay, but what can you spend it on once you have it? Why would you ever need more coins or a gold farming guide?

The answer is pretty straightforward: for your character's progression. It's not a secret that in New World, gold equals power. So if you want to improve your character and have it always up-to-date and prepared for any end-game activity, you will constantly need to change your gear. You always need better items that are usually very expensive, either crafted by yourself or purchased from another player. And this is just one of the many expenses you are dealing with once you reach the end-game.

So why do you have to farm gold in New World? Because you will always have to:

  • Buy better items from the trading post, other players, or your faction vendor
  • Buy materials for crafting
  • Improve your trade skills
  • Buy consumables for expeditions, wars, and Outpost Rush
  • Pay for house taxes, trophies, decorations
  • Pay for expedition and arena entries
  • Invest in your company's treasury to claim territories and upgrade settlements

How much gold can you farm by using this guide?

Unlimited! And I mean it. This guide will teach you how to make gold using the best money-making methods in New World. So you will have multiple options to choose from, depending on your character's strength and abilities. It's up to you to decide what coin farming method you enjoy the most and for how long you can maintain it until it gets boring. Trust me; things can get boring when you repeat the same process over and over.

So I strongly recommend focusing on multiple money-making methods and working on them simultaneously. It's always good to have extra options and a backup plan because prices and high-demand items often change in New World.

Very important! Please keep in mind that there is a coin limit set at 500 000, usually referred to as the "gold cap." So your character cannot overpass that gold cap at any given time. In other words, upon reaching the coin limit, you have to start spending your money and re-invest it in your trade skills, gear, housing, or company.

coin limit warning

The history of money-making in New World

Ever since the game was released, coin making has been one of the most important aspects of the game. Gold didn't seem to be a problem for many of us until reaching level 65. Financially speaking, reaching the end-game was a real game-changer. Why is that? - You may ask. Because before reaching level 65, you didn't have that many expenses, and you mainly focused on getting to the max level as soon as possible.

Therefore, you had no reason to farm gold just yet. There wasn't a high demand for items on the trading posts, you weren't focusing on leveling your trade skills yet, and you were very far away from buying your 2nd or 3rd house. Back then, even if you wanted to stockpile coins, you didn't have too many gold farming options to pick from because the whole Aeternum experience was new for everybody.

People weren't aware of farming methods or what would happen later in the game. It's exciting to see the evolution of gold farming in New World: how players used to farm for coins back in the day, compared to the current state of the game and what we're dealing with nowadays.

The best money-making methods upon the game's release were the following:

  • Completing main missions, side missions, and faction missions
  • Farming tier 1 raw materials such as Iron Ore, Green Wood, Rawhide, etc.
  • Crafting bags and tools for new players
  • Using the trade skills to craft items and sell them on the trading posts

So back then, these were the best ways to make money in the game. As you may notice, there weren't too many options, and some of them couldn't last forever. Let's take some examples here:

Example 1: Main missions and side missions aren't repeatable type-of activities. Therefore, missions aren't "farmable" as you only get their coins reward once, upon completion. You can only consider it a good source of money income – I agree - but not a farming method as you would eventually run out of missions.

example of side missions gold reward

Example 2: Crafting bags and tools for other players. This is somehow related to trade skills leveling since you first need to level up some trade skills up to a certain level before being able to craft these types of items.

trade skill requirements for crafting bags

The real problem wasn't leveling those trade skills, but that you would run out of customers at some point, as these items are categorized into different tiers of quality. You couldn't risk crafting too many items of a particular tier because the players would be interested in the higher versions of these items upon advancing with their character progression, and eventually, they would be able to start crafting their own.

However, things have changed a lot ever since, and nowadays, there are many easy ways to make gold in New World. Let's see some examples!

The best New World gold farming methods in 2024

Here is a breakdown of the best ways to make money in New World in 2024:

  • Flipping items on the Trading Post
  • End-game GS 695-700 crafting
  • Selling your daily cooldowns
  • Gathering & selling raw materials
  • Selling Epic and Legendary trophy components
  • Selling faction vendor items

As you can see, nowadays, if you are looking to farm gold in New World, you are in luck, as there are plenty of ways to get rich as long as you follow some guidelines. Now that you know the best money-making methods in the game, let's see what each represents, how it works, if there are any level or gear requirements to be met, and how profitable they can be by case. Let's get into details!

How to make money in New World by flipping items on the trading post

Buy low, sell high

The whole concept of flipping is based on the fact that many players want to sell their in-game goodies fast, so they post their items below their actual value. You will buy the underpriced items and put them for sale for a higher price, which will result in a profit for you.

Very important! Remember that you will have to cover the trading post taxes: the listing fee and the trading tax when re-posting. When deciding on a price for the items you re-sell, do the math and consider these two expenses too!

example of trading post fees

If there aren't any good deals available on the market, use the "Buy Order" feature to obtain the items and then post them for sale for the desired price.

Tips for flipping items on the Trading Post

1. Analyze the market, and don't start flipping items until you understand what's in high demand and worth going for on your server; keep an eye on the trading post and General/Trade chat and see what other players are selling or looking for.

2. Prices are different on all servers, but you can check on content creators as well, on what items they are using for their builds, the market on their server, compare it to yours and then see if you can spot any money-making opportunities.

3. Avoid Buy Orders for easy-to-farm items such as common items, low-level crafting materials, basically anything that can be obtained by any player and sold in large quantities.

4. Always post your Sell Orders for a maximum of 3 days (I personally use the 24 hours option); if the items don't sell on time, it means you chose the wrong items to flip, and this is not a gold farming method anymore.

5. Don't panic if your re-posted items don't sell quickly; give it some time, and don't cancel your sell orders frequently as you will lose your listing fee and lower your profit.

6. Prices are always subject to change. You might see prices going down during the weekdays and increasing during the weekends when more players are online.

7. Wisely re-invest your gold gained if you want to maintain the trading post as a gold farming method.

8. Keep an eye on PTRs and future game updates and spot new money-making opportunities; as the game changes, so do the items in demand and the prices on the market. For example, buying Golden Scarabs before the expansion PTR was a great choice, selling them for at least 3x profit.

example of buy order vs. sell order price

Depending on how much gold and time you are willing to invest, flipping the trading post items can get you anywhere between a couple hundred and few thousand coins profit a day.

How to get gold in NW by using your end-game crafting skills

Crafting represents one of the best ways to make easy money in New World. However, it takes quite some time and a decent amount of coins to invest until you can transform crafting into a money-making method.

We are talking about end-game crafting, so your crafting skills must be level 250, as you must have access to and be able to craft end-game recipes. To start with, you will only focus on three crafting skills: Armoring, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing. These are the best crafting skills to use if you want to make gold in the New World. Based on your initial bankroll, you can start with one of them and continue working on the others, as leveling and preparing for end-game crafting is pretty expensive.

You aim to craft level 695-700 items (gear, jewelry, and weapons) with specific stats and perks. These are by far the best items in the game and the most sought-after pieces of equipment any player can dream of; remember: as long as they have those correct stats! Okay, but how can you craft these items with perfect stats?

Having your trade skill at max level won't be enough as your "Potential Gear Score" won't be in the 695-700 level range. The only way to craft Gear Score 695+ items is to have a complete crafting setup:

  • Trade skill at level 250
  • Tier V crafting materials (Prismatic Ingot, Prismatic Leather, Prismatic Planks, etc.)
  • 3x Ultimate Crafting Trophy / 3x Major Armoring Crafting Trophy / 3x Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
  • Complete crafter set: full Armorer Set, full Weaponsmith Set, or full Jewelcrafter Set
  • Tier V crafting food such as Spicy Cabbage Soup, Savory Vegetable Medley, and Glazed Melon Bread
  • Azoth Conductor + Prismatic Scarab for guaranteed 700 GS and 3 perks
  • Chromatic Seal + Golden Scarab for guaranteed 700 and 2 perks

As you can see, it's not easy to become an end-game crafter, as some of the things mentioned above can be hard to get or very expensive, especially the trophies and the new crafter sets. But trust me, once you have it all prepared, it will be one of the best money-making sources in the game.

Also, you must look at it in the long-term: once you get to that point where you can craft end-game items, you will be able to maintain a strong position on your server's market as a crafter for any future game and meta changes. So you can look at it as a one-time investment that will pay dividends over time.

Unlike any other gold farming method in New World, end-game crafting requires some serious investments before becoming a steady source of income, investments that the majority of the players won't afford. There won't be too many competitors on the market doing what you do; that is end-game crafting. Also, the dedicated players won't have too many options to choose from or compare with, so if you are crafting the right items, you are most certainly ending up with a fast sale!

If you wonder how much money you can make with crafting, imagine that the best-in-slot items can sell anywhere between 50-500k coins! Here is a screenshot that proves it all:

prices for end game items on the trading post

Selling your refining skills daily cooldowns to make money in New World

There are five refining trade skills in the game: Smelting, Woodworking, Leatherworking, Weaving, and Stonecutting. Upon reaching max level (250) on a refining skill, you unlock the ability to craft the new Tier V material specific for that trade skill. That material comes with a 24hrs cooldown, and you can craft up to 10 pieces of that material daily. The good news is that these materials are tradeable, and they can be listed on the trading post or traded directly face-to-face to another player.

Example: You can craft 10x Prismatic Blocks and Runestones daily using the Stonecutting Trade skill. If you want to craft additional Runestones, you will have to wait for 24 hrs for the cooldown to expire:

Note: The Edengrove Fort Buff applies to these materials, so combined with the specific tradeskill set will provide you up to 5 more extra items.

runestone crafting cooldown

In the table below, you can see what's needed for each type of daily craft:

Crafted Material Crafting Recipe Requirements
Prismatic Ingot 1x Asmodeum + 10x Mythril Ingot + 4x Charcoal + 4x Obsidian Flux
Prismatic Leather 1x Runic Leather + 12x Dark Leather + 4x Aged Tannin
Prismatic Cloth 1x Phoenixweave + 10x Spinweave Cloth + 4x Wireweave
Prismatic Planks 1x Glittering Ebony + 10x Runewood Planks + 4x Obsidian Sandpaper
Prismatic Block 1x Runestone + 10x Runic Voidstone + 4x Pure Solvent
Asmodeum 5x Orichalcum Ingot + 1x Tolvium + 1x Cinnabar + 1x Obsidian Flux + 2x Charcoal
Runic Leather 5x Infused Leather + 1x Smolderhide + 1x Scarhide + 1x Aged Tannin
Phoenixweave 5x Infused Silk + 1x Scalecloth + 1x Blisterweave + 1x Wireweave
Glittering Ebony 5x Ironwood Planks + 1x Wildwood + 1x Barbvine + 1x Obsidian Sandpaper
Runestone 5x Obsidian Voidstone + 1x Obsidian Sandpaper + 1x Lodestone

So how do you make money by using the refining skills? You craft these daily cooldowns for other players. Simple as that. The buyer trades you the materials required for the craft; you craft the items and trade them back to the buyer for a crafting fee.

Example: Let's say a player is looking to buy Prismatic Ingot cooldown. You message him in-game, settle on a crafting fee (that can vary depending on the server, but usually between 500-1000g), and then trade. You will receive 10x Asmodeum, 100x Mythril Ingot, 40x Charcoal, 40x Obsidian Flux, and you will craft the 10x Prismatic Ingots for your buyer. Then you trade him back the 10x Prismatic Ingots and get your crafting fee.

Tier V refined items are constantly in high demand because crafters are always in need of these end-game materials and what they get from their daily cooldowns is never enough; so instead of waiting multiple days to craft their own, they prefer to pay a fee and receive the items within a few minutes. To make an idea, you can only afford one craft per day if you are using your own materials, as the end-game recipes require a lot of these materials per craft:

end-game crafting materials requirement

As you can see, this is one easy way to make money in New World. Once you have your refining skills at max level, use the General/Trade chat to find your clients, and you're all set. Daily cooldowns sell for different prices based on the demand in the market: the most expensive is the Asmodeum cooldown, which usually sells for about 1000g, while the others can sell for anywhere between 500-800g per craft.

Using the gathering skills to farm gold in New World

Your gathering skills can also turn your character into a real money-making machine! As crafting is one of the main features of New World's end-game, everybody needs raw resources, and nobody likes to farm for them because:

1. The best farming spots in the game are always crowded with players, and you don't have too many farming routes as alternatives. That means you can barely work on your gathering if other players are camping the best spots, and you will waste a lot of time trying to get those resources.

2. People are lazy or don't have the time for it. Once you hit the end-game, farming for raw materials becomes your last concern. You are always busy with other activities such as working on your gear sets, blasting expeditions, wars, or invasions.

So gathering becomes very profitable for those players who focus on this activity and want to transform it into a steady source of coins income. All you need is the trade skill at maximum level, a tier V gathering tool with good perks on it, and enough inventory space. If you want to maximize the gathering process and be highly efficient, you can play with PvP toggle On and use gathering trophies, food, and proficiency boosters.

Here are some screenshots of Tier V raw materials prices on my server right now (Jan 2024):

orichalcum ore price in september ironwood price in september wirefiber price in september

So if you follow an optimal farming route and have a decent gathering setup, you can easily farm gold, as these materials sell for incredible amounts of coins!

How to get rich by farming Elite Named Bosses and Legendary Items in NW

This New World money-making method focuses on farming open-world named bosses for their unique Legendary item drops. These bosses can drop legendary named items that are some of the best items in the game. What makes them so expensive and worth farming is that they are very powerful and have a very low drop chance.

These bosses are level 62-66 elite enemies located in end-game zones such as Edengrove (Malevolence), Reekwater (Siren's Stand, Forecastle Drift), Ebonscale Reach (Imperial Palace), or Shattered Mountains (Myrkgard, Scorched Mines). Since you will face some of the strongest enemies in the game, joining these strongholds while being part of a group is mandatory.

Even though there isn't any entry fee for these elite runs, you still rely on a group, so your only options to join these activities are again the in-game chat channels such as General, Help, or Recruitment. It's best to be online during peak hours on your server, as that's usually the time when players create these public farming groups. In the screenshots below, you can see the locations of some of the best elite zones in the game:

ebonscale reach map edengrove map reekwater map myrkgard map

This is one of my favorite gold farming methods in New World because of the many rewards it comes with:

  • You increase your gear score if needed
  • You get plenty of tier V refining materials and trophy components that sell for a lot of coins
  • You have a chance to drop some of the rarest and the most expensive items in the game

These named items can go anywhere from 5000 to 40 000+ gold, so this method is definitely worth a shot.

Trophy components farming – One of the best New World money-making tools

This is one of the easiest money-making methods in the game. It doesn't require any initial investment, such as leveling particular trade skills, buying specific gear, or finding a group. All you need is a level 65 character with some luck gear, and you are good to go. You are looking at a solo, repeatable activity that can reward you with many coins. Let's see how it works!

You will farm some specific areas in the game for Epic and Legendary Trophy components, and you can find these components in the Supply Stockpile caches all over the map. However, a couple of zones stand out and are worth farming for, Brimstone Sands and Reekwater.

So here we have the Brimstone Sands chests map:

elite chests in brimstone

And the Reekwater chests map:

elite chests in reekwater

Trophy components are designed with a low drop chance, but they are extremely valuable for an end-game profession, furnishing. Furnishers use these components to craft end-game Trophies that are very important for the buffs they reward the players upon using them.

The Supply Stockpile caches have a 60-minute cooldown which means you can open the same chest again only once that cooldown expires. So you are going to follow a farming route, a loop, and open as many caches until that cooldown is off. Then you go back to the first cache you've opened and repeat the process over and over.

My favorite spot for trophy component farming is Brimstone. There are a lot of chests available in this area, and you can also farm for Tier V raw resources (such as Orichalcum Ore, Platinum Ore, Ironwood, Wirefiber, etc.) while working on it. How much money are these items worth? A lot! If the cheaper components still sell for a couple of thousand coins, the most sought-after components such as Loaded Dice or Human Idol can sell for 10 000+ gold with ease.

loaded dice price human idol price

How to get money in New World with faction tokens

You can get a lot of gold in exchange for your faction tokens by selling the tradeable faction-only items always in high demand: Azoth Inductors. You can buy these items from the faction quartermaster for faction tokens and gold coins. So basically, you will be exchanging faction tokens, gold, and your cooldown for even more gold.

grand rune of holding

I strongly recommend farming for tokens in PvP and higher-level zones such as Great Cleave or Reekwater because the faction token rewards increase with the zone's difficulty. Depending on how long you can maintain this gold farming method before it becomes boring, you can get even 15 000 coins daily by selling these faction items to other players.

Now that we've gone through the best ways to make money in New World, let's see which of these methods you should be focusing on, based on your character's level and progression. We will focus on three stages in the character's lifetime: before reaching max level, fresh level 65 character, and end-game character. Let's dive in deeper!

How to make money in New World while leveling 1-65

1. Use the Trade Skills

On your way to level 65, the most profitable gathering skills will be mining, harvesting, and skinning. As for refining skills, you should focus on smelting first, as it pairs up perfectly with your mining. Then work on your stonecutting. The next one should be either weaving or leatherworking, ending with woodworking.

2. Use the Trading Post

You can start making gold by selling the raw materials gathered while leveling up and questing around the map. Once you understand how the Trading Post works and the value of the key items on the market, you can begin item flipping and maintaining it as an alternative gold farming method. However, I would recommend this only if you are an advanced player. Otherwise, you could be risking your coins by making the wrong decisions.

3. Complete Missions

Another money-making method while leveling in New World is completing as many missions as possible on your way to level 65. While questing in a specific area, try to pair up and simultaneously work on the main missions, side missions, and even the faction missions as long as it's worth it (XP and gold wise).

Note: You can check our New World Power Leveling Guide, where we explain how to pair up the main missions and the side missions for the best XP and gold rewards.

The best ways to make money on a fresh level 65 character

1. Use the Trade Skills

Once you reach level 65, you can start farming for gold by using your gathering skills to obtain Tier IV and Tier V resources. Mining and Harvesting remain the best gathering skills to focus on, as Orichalcum Ore and Wirefiber sell for lots of coins! Logging and skinning can be some decent options as well. Here are the prices of Orichalcum Ore and Wirefiber on my server right now:

orichalcum ore price wirefiber price

Try to get your refining skills to level 250 as soon as possible. You will be making a lot of money by selling those daily cooldowns we previously discussed (Prismatic Ingot, Prismatic Leather, Prismatic Cloth, Asmodeum, Runic Leather, Phoenixweave, etc.). I strongly recommend getting them to max level in the following order: Smelting, Stonecutting, Weaving, Leatherworking, and Woodworking.

As in what crafting skills to focus on for a fresh level 65 character, the best money-making crafting professions will be Armoring, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing. Once you have enough coins to spare, you can start working on the remaining crafting skills in this order: Engineering, Furnishing, Arcana, and Cooking.

2. Use the Trading Post

Now that you have a level 65 character, you should know how the Trading Post "Buy Order" and "Sell Order" features work, so it's about time to start flipping items in return for some nice profits.

If you were still wondering how you can make money in New World by using the trading post, here is the answer: you sell your Tier IV and Tier V raw materials obtained with your gathering skills, and you use the flipping method to buy (items) low and sell for higher.

3. Use the Faction Tokens

As previously mentioned in this gold farming guide, you can make a lot of gold by selling Azoth Inductors. These items are always in high demand, so you cannot go wrong with farming faction tokens and selling these items to the players in need. At this point, your character is level 65 with full access to all the end-game zones on the map, so you can start farming for these tokens as efficiently as possible.

If you didn't know, nowadays, the Outpost Rush PvP activity rewards players with faction tokens besides gold, and many others. So you can quickly transform your faction tokens into a money-making tool and make a lot of gold while having a lot of fun!

4. Farm for Trophy Components

This is one of the easiest ways to make money in New World. Once you are level 65, all you need is some luck gear and a good farming route, and you're ready to go. Trophy components are some of the most expensive items in the game, they are always in high demand, and even if you are dealing with some RNG and low drop chances, all you have to do is open chests. That's all.

I got the rarest Trophy components in the game with only basic luck gear and minor luck trophies in my houses, so, trust me, everything's possible! Here is a screenshot of me looting a "Loaded Dice" that I sold for 25k coins:

my loaded dice drop

5. Charcoal

Charcoal can be a good source of income for those days you feel lazy. Having a smelter set and the Edengrove fort buff will provide you with a lot of extra charcoal once you smelt the green wood.

The best gold farming methods in the end-game

The best ways to make money in New World's late-game are:

  • Flipping items at the Trading Post
  • Crafting Gear Score 695-700 End-game items
  • Selling your refining cooldowns
  • Selling Named Items
  • Selling Legendary Trophy Components
  • Selling Mutated Expedition carries for gold

Items in high demand now. Best money-making items in NW

Things can be different depending on the server, but the most popular items to keep an eye on are:

Item Type Examples
Raw materials Mythril Ore, Spinfiber, Dark Hide, Orichalcum Ore, Wirefiber, Ironwood
Refined materials All the cooldown materials
Other Resources Golden Scarab, Runeglasses, Infused Alkahest, Timeless Shards
Crafting sets Armorer, Weaponsmith, Stonecutter, and Smelter sets
Trophy components Precision Armoring Tools, Ancient Mandible, Corrupted Totem, Stacked Deck, Loaded Dice
Major Trophies Major Luck Trophy, Major Armoring Trophy, Major Weaponsmithing Trophy
Best-in-slot crafted items Level 695-700 items with the best stats and perks, Flails and Kite Shields
Mods, Charms, and Shards Squirming Vines, Shard of Consecrated Iron, Attribute Craft Mods

Final thoughts

This covers everything you should know about money making in New World. From everything that I've tested and dealt with in my over 1500 hours spent in the game, I can assure you that these are the best ways to make money in NW.

Gold farming is essential mainly if you "aim high" in the end-game. New World is a very complex MMORPG game that is constantly getting updated, and things change all the time. Therefore, in this sandbox, gold is never enough.

I highly recommend you try out and use multiple ways to make gold instead of focusing on just one of them. Why? You might ask. Because, trust me, regardless of which of the methods you will be using, it will become boring or counterproductive over time.

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