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Our New World PvP Boosting services are tailored to help the players complete any PvP activity they might be struggling with. Whether you are looking for Outpost Rush Wins, Faction farming, or a 3v3 Arena carry, we have it covered! At KBoosting, we have a dedicated team of professional boosters that consists of elite PvP players only, and we guarantee the super-fast delivery of any service!
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Like any other MMORPG, New World's end-game focuses on two major types of activities: PvE and PvP. PvE stands for "Player vs. Environment", while PvP stands for "Player vs. Player". Generally, the PvP represents the game's more aggressive, competitive side.

The most popular PvP activities found in New World are:

  • Outpost Rush, which represents a 20 vs. 20 game mode of random groups of players

  • PvP Missions, that the players complete to gain territory points and then declare wars

  • Wars, which represent a 50 vs. 50 game mode between 2 factions fighting over a territory

  • 3v3 Arena, smaller-scaled PvP matches between 2 groups, each containing three players

  • Open-world PvP, in the forms of Duels or Skirmish fights between factions


Are you struggling in Outpost Rush matches? Or Looking for the fastest way to get PvP reputation and faction tokens for your character? We've got your back! At KBoosting, we provide the best carry services for any PvP activity in the game.

Our New World PvP boosting services are the fastest way to get all the powerful, unique rewards locked behind these activities. Seek our elite players' help and learn how to dominate the opponents yourself in future fights.

For most of us, it's getting very frustrating when we don't have the time, the team, or the skills required for these competitive activities. We also don't want to miss out on the amazing, unique rewards these game modes offer.

Skip the grinding, get your PvP boost and leave it all to us while you enjoy your time and spend it on some actual fun activities in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PvP boosting service work in New World?
When you purchase a PvP boost in New World, you look at a piloted type of service. "Piloted" means the carry service requires access to your account. So one of our pro players will log into your account, complete the boosting service for your character, and once the service is complete, you can safely log back in.
Is it safe to buy PvP carry services?
Absolutely! We have provided boosting services since 2013 and completed thousands of orders in self-played and piloted mode. We never encountered any issue, so we can definitely claim that our New World PvP services are 100% safe. We can also use a VPN of your country and stream the boost for extra security.
How long does the PvP boost in New World take?
The service delivery time depends on the activity type and the number of runs we must complete for the boost.
What is the most rewarding PvP activity in the New World game?
In the current sandbox, the most rewarding PvP activity is Outpost Rush. By competing in Outpost Rush matches, the players get various rewards such as gold, gypsum, expertise bumps, umbral shards, and faction tokens.