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Our New World Expeditions Carry Services is the best choice if you are looking for the fastest way to complete these five-player dungeons throughout Aeternum for their unique rewards. With an experience of dozens of expedition carries already completed since the game's early days, our dedicated team is ready to help you defeat some of the most challenging enemies in the game and get their powerful rewards stressless, fast, and easy!
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Expeditions are instanced group activities that take place in different locations throughout Aeternum, featuring various types of powerful enemies, unique bosses, and mechanics.

In order to unlock an expedition, the players must be of a certain level and at least one of the party members must own a specific key, called Tuning Orb, required to open the dungeon.

In the current sandbox, there are 6 available expeditions the players can complete for their unique rewards. Depending on their difficulty and the group's skills and experience, clearing an expedition can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes.

Getting an Expedition Boost in New World will make things a lot faster and easier for you, as our professional team will be using the best carry techniques and complete the desired dungeon for you in no time!


Absolutely. Whether you are locked on the main story quest as at certain points it requires you to clear some of these dungeons, or you simply want to have access to some of the best items in the game, our expedition carry services are specially designed to help the players complete the desired expedition they might be struggling with.

When it comes to expeditions, you always rely on a team, and as a solo player and with the lack of an in-game group finder, it's very difficult to find a party to conquer these dungeons.

But no worries, we have it all covered! At KBoosting you can now buy Expedition carries for any dungeon, server, or amount of runs.

Get your Expedition boost today and rest assured that our dedicated team will handle everything for you, fast and safe 100%!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock Expeditions in New World?
In order to have access to these dungeons, the players must meet a certain level requirement (such as level 25 for Amrine Expedition or level 60 for Garden of Genesis or Lazarus Instrumentality etc) and at least one of the group's members must be in the possession of the required Tuning Orb for that particular dungeon.
How long does an Expedition Carry Service in New World take?
When you buy expedition carries from us, we will use the fastest ways to complete the required puzzles and defeat the enemies that hide behing these dungeons. Once the group is created, depending on the expedition's difficulty, one run can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes.
Can you buy Expedition Carries?
Absolutely, at Kboosting.com we offer Expedition boosting services for all the 6 dungeons available in the game. Our professional boosters are dedicated players who have already completed dozens of expedition carry services and will complete any desired dungeon, in the most efficient way possible!