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Our New World Farming & Leveling Services are exactly what you need to get your character in the End-Game stage: Fast, Easy, and 100% Safe. Boost your Level, Gear Score, and Weapon Mastery, and let our dedicated team use the best materials farming routes and leveling techniques so you can experience the end-game adventure in no time.
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Getting your character to the max level in New World is a very time-consuming process as it requires completing multiple activities throughout the whole Aeternum map.

Our leveling services are the best option to speed up the whole process. We are using the best leveling routes and techniques that will grant you fast access to end-game content so you can finally experience the ultimate challenges the game has to offer.

Looking for the fastest way to get your character to level 60? Or does it feel like your weapon leveling progression is at a slow pace? We've got it all covered!

Our professional boosters have already completed dozens of NW leveling services and are ready to transform your character into a killing machine so you can dominate any enemy that stands in your way.

The most popular New World leveling services we offer are:

  • Character Leveling: we will get your character to the max level in the fastest way possible

  • Weapon Leveling: we will farm mastery points and get your weapons to the max level.

  • Gear Score Boosting: we will increase your Gear Score and Expertise to the desired level.

  • Faction Reputation Leveling: we will increase your Faction Reputation to the desired level.


Reaching the maximum level is just the first of the many aspects that a player must look for when talking about the end-game. Once you hit level 60, you must complete various activities in the game to gear up and start working on your build. Unfortunately, these activities are mandatory, and they require some serious time and resources investments.

Given the game's genre, at this point, it's not a surprise that we are dealing with a very complex character progression system. But this can get very discouraging, especially for the casual player who can't afford to invest dozens of hours into leveling or resources farming.

At KBoosting, you can skip the grinding and taste the end-game experience a lot sooner by using farming and leveling services. Our most popular New World farming services are:

  • Resources & Materials Farming: we will farm the desired resources for your character.

  • Outpost Rush Farming: we will obtain the desired amount of OPR wins for you.

  • Elite Farming: we will farm the Elite POIs for the rarest items in the game.

  • Faction Tokens Farming: we will obtain the desired amount of Faction Tokens for you.

As you can see, the services we provide cover all the farming and leveling aspects of the game, so let us handle the grinding while you spend your time on some actual fun activities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you farm for in New World?
New World is a complex game where the players farm for various items such as gear, currency (materials, components, coins, shards, etc.), elite enemies, and activities (expeditions, arenas).
What are the most popular Leveling Services in New World?
At KBoosting, the most popular New World leveling services are character leveling to 60, weapons leveling, gear score, and faction leveling.
Is it safe to buy Leveling Services in NW?
Absolutely, at, every leveling service we provide is handmade, without the usage of bots, exploits, glitches, or any 3rd party software that could harm the client's account. We offer guaranteed delivery for our leveling services, and everything is 100% safe!