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Our New World Gear Farming services are tailored to help the players obtain the rarest items in the game fast and effortlessly. Whether you are looking for unique Gear from Expeditions or Open World Bosses, Named Items, Legendary Gear, or Expertise upgrades, we have it covered! Depending on luck, getting the best gear in New World can take you anywhere between a couple of hours and several weeks! At KBoosting, you can skip the grinding and let our professional boosters deal with the RNG and get the best Items in the game for your character in no time!
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When we refer to the best Items in New World, we must consider two types of items, based on how you obtain them: dropped items and crafted items. In both cases, when trying to get the best items in the game, there is an RNG factor that the player is dealing with.

The dropped items, such as the items you get from enemies, chests, or as rewards for completing certain in-game activities, come with a low drop chance. You can sometimes increase the odds of getting an item dropped from the enemies if you wear Luck gear. Also, if it is a tradeable item, you can farm for it in a group.

Like the dropped items, the best-crafted items in the game are locked behind luck when crafting if you are not planning on using Azoth Inductors, which are very expensive to use.

In both cases, given the low drop chance and the powerful stats they come with, these are some of the best items in New World. Usually, these are the rarest and the most expensive items in the game.


In New World, end-game crafting relies on the player's ability to create level 695-700 items, which involves some serious investments.

Crafting end-game items in New World requires:

  • Chromatic Seal and Azoth Inductors: Used to choose two or three fixed perks

  • Trade skills at max level: Level 250 Armoring, Weaponsmithing, or Jewelcrafting

  • Major crafting trophies: 3x Major Armoring or Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy

  • Complete crafter set: Armorer Set, Weaponsmith Set, or Jewelcrafter Set

  • Tier V crafting materials: Prismatic Ingot, Prismatic Cloth, Prismatic Leather, etc

  • Tier V crafting food: Spicy Cabbage Soup, Savory Vegetable Medley, etc

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Buying New World Items is the easiest way to get your desired gear in NW fast. We are eager to provide safe NW Items farming services for you 24/7 at the best prices.

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In the list below, you can find a couple of reasons why people choose to buy New World Items from KBoosting:

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Is the NW Gear and Items Boosting Safe?

At KBoosting, we know how to keep everything under control and never encounter any security issues during Gear & Items farming services. Our managers keep track of all the orders to ensure that your New World account is safe with us.

Can you get banned for buying New World Items?

No. If you work with trustworthy boosters, all Gear & Items farming services are done manually, without using any hacks or bots. At KBoosting, safety is the main objective, so all New World boosters must follow a conduit before working with us:

  • Sign an agreement that they won't use any software for cheating/modding/hacking for any service they provide.
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  • • Have an impressive New World account & constantly improve their skills.
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Using any kind of cheating method will get your account banned. A legit way to save time and get all the Items you wish is using our boosting services, and we guarantee that our pro NW players complete all orders manually.

You cannot get banned if you use our New World Items for Sale services. Our experience in NW Boosting guarantees that your account is safe with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get high Gear Score items in New World?
In the early phase of the game, your gear score grows pretty quick. As you progress and reach level 60, the gear score progress is slower. The best ways to improve your gear score in the end-game is killing Elites & completing Expeditions.
How does gear work in New World?
The gearing system in New World is pretty simple to understand. The only parameter that matters is the Gear Score of the item. A higher Gear Score means more damage for weapons and a more protective armor.
Is it worth crafting gear in New World?
It depends on your current progress. Crafting gear is only necessary if you are in the top 10 players on your server. If you have already reached the gear score cap and wish to reach a 600+ GS, crafting perfect rolls is the way.
How can I boost my gear in New World?
At you can buy various gearing services for your account and character. From Gear Score boost, Armors farming & full gear boost for PvE. You'll find anything you need on our website and everything is 100% guaranteed to be delivered on your account as soon as possible!
Can you buy Gear boosting in New World?
Yes, at you can buy any kind of New World gear boosting service. We guarantee the completion of the desired gearing service most safely and efficiently possible.