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The Gathering Trade Skills in New World allow the player to gather raw materials that will be used for crafting or for trading with other players. Power Leveling your gathering skills allows you to gather higher-level resources and you also unlock the ability to track resources on your minimap. The gathering trade skills we can Boost for you are mining, tracking and skinning, fishing, logging, and harvesting.
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Leveling the Gathering trade skills is a very time-consuming process that requires the player to travel around the whole map in order to collect various resources that are locked behind different gathering levels and zones.

The key factors when it comes to boosting your gathering skills are using:

  • The Best gathering farming routes, for the most efficient spots on the map to collect the required materials as fast as possible.

  • The Best gathering tools, you want to aim for Tier 3+ Tools such as starmetal/orichalcum for the best gathering speed and perks they can roll with.

  • Increased Inventory space, you will need Tier 3+ Bags that will allow you to gather and carry even more resources and avoid traveling back to town so often.


Leveling up the gathering skills allows the player to collect higher-level resources throughout the Aeternum world and out of all, the most requested boosted skills are:

  • Mining used to gather materials such as Ores and Oils.

  • Harvesting used to gather Plant materials.

  • Logging used to gather Wood materials.

  • Skinning used to gather Animal hides.

  • Fishing used to catch and obtain Fish.

Let our team help you with the power leveling process for any desired gathering skill and raise it to max level in no time, while you enjoy some actual fun activities in the New World game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Gathering Trade Skills Boosting in New World?
Absolutely, at we offer boosting services for all 5 gathering skills available in the game: harvesting, mining, skinning, logging and fishing. Our professional boosters are dedicated players who have already completed dozens of gathering skills leveling services and will get your desired skills to maximum level in no time.
How does Gathering Skill Power Leveling work?
Powerleveling a gathering skill represents the process where we will efficiently increase the desired skill to the max level by following the best farming routes to collect the required resources while using high-tier gathering tools that will significantly speed up the whole leveling process.
What are the most popular gathering skills?
When it comes to boosting, the most requested gathering skills are: mining, logging and harvesting.
What are the best Tools and perks for gathering skills?
For a fast and efficient gathering skill power level, the player must use high tier tools such as Starmetal or Orichalcum gathering tools, which have increased gathering speed and unique perks such as Increased Yield, Experience and Luck.