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The Refining Trade Skills are the link between the gathering and crafting categories, allowing the player to convert the resources they gather into usable crafting materials. Power Leveling your Refining skills allows you to process higher-level resources into higher-level materials. Boosting your Refining Skills makes you more efficient: a high-level refiner will have a chance to gain extra refined resources. The refining trade skills we can Boost for you are smelting, stonecutting, leatherworking, weaving, and woodworking.
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Leveling the Refining trade skills is very important for the whole character progression as it requires the player to turn raw resources into materials that are afterward used for crafting items. Refining skills are some of the most profitable skills in the game, as using the proper materials and having a high-level refining skill can reward you extra refining resources that can sell for lots of coins.

The key factor when it comes to boosting your refining skills is using the best recipes that your character has unlocked, for the highest XP gains while processing the cheapest or most common raw materials.

While leveling your refining skills, our team will focus on creating items that have an increased selling potential, so we can partially return your raw resources investment, or even make some profit, depending on the server's state and economy.


Leveling up the refining skills allows the player to convert gathered resources into crafting materials and when it comes to boosting, the most popular refining skills are:

  • Smelting used to turn Ores into Ingots.

  • Stonecutting used to turn Raw gemstones into Cut gemstones.

  • Leatherworking used to turn animal hides into Leather.

  • Weaving used to turn raw fibers into Cloth.

  • Woodworking used to turn raw wood into Processed Wood Materials.

Let our team help you with the power leveling process for any desired refining skill and raise it to max level in no time, while you enjoy some actual fun activities in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Refining Trade Skills Boosting in New World?
Absolutely, at we offer boosting services for all refining skills available in the game: smelting, woodworking, leatherworking, weaving and stonecutting. Our professional boosters are dedicated players who have already completed dozens of refining skills leveling services and will get your desired skills to maximum level in no time.
How does Refining Skills Power Leveling work?
Powerleveling a refining skill represents the process where we will complete any required activity to efficiently increase the desired skill to the max level by using the best refining materials and recipes for maximum XP while crafting.
What are the most popular refining skills?
When it comes to boosting, the most requested refining skills are usually the ones that require alot of time and resources to invest in, such as: smelting, woodworking, weaving and stonecutting. These are the most profitable refining skills in the end-game.