King's Fall Raid Guide 2023

King's Fall Raid Guide

Welcome to our Destiny 2: King’s Fall raid guide, Guardian!

We designed this KF guide to help you break through all raid encounters like a pro. You will find everything you need to know to complete the season 18 raid successfully.

Our team ran the raid from day one and structured the ultimate King’s Fall walkthrough so you can enjoy your journey without getting stuck in any boss phase. We also created a complete King’s Fall loot table, so you know precisely where to farm your desired weapon or armor piece.

We wrote our experiences and covered everything you need to know about the new raid mechanics, so if you follow our King’s Fall guide, you’ll know exactly how to handle every encounter step-by-step.

Table of Contents

Here is a little breakdown of our King's Fall Raid Guide:

  • Loot Table
  • Preparation
  • Raid Entrance
  • Totems Encounter(1st)
  • Warpriest Encounter(2nd)
  • Golgoroth Encounter(3rd)
  • The Daughters Encounter(4th)
  • Oryx Encounter(Final Boss)
  • Touch of Malice
  • Related Guides
  • Conclusion

Along with our professional Destiny 2 team, we farmed each encounter, taking notice and doing the research so we could present a complete King’s Fall loot table. Below you can find all the weapons and armor set pieces that drop after each KF raid phase:

King's Fall Weapons Loot Table

Opening Gate Totems
(1st Encounter)
(2nd Encounter)
(3rd Encounter)
Daughters of Oryx
(4th Encounter)
Oryx, The Taken King
(Final Encounter)

Doom of Chelchis

Doom of Chelchis

Doom of Chelchis

Doom of Chelchis

Smite of Merain

Smite of Merain

Qullim’s Terminus

Qullim's Terminus

Smite of Merain

Smite of Merain

Touch of Malice

Touch of Malice

Qullim’s Terminus

Qullim's Terminus

Defiance of Yasmin

Defiance of Yasmin

Midha’s Reckoning

Midha's Reckoning

Defiance of Yasmin

Defiance of Yasmin

Zaouli’s Bane

Zaouli's Bane

Zaouli’s Bane

Zaouli's Bane

King's Fall Weapons God Rolls

The KF raid drops fabulous weapon patterns you can craft using the Shape table. After you get the raid weapons, you can level them up and unlock all the perks using the Reshape table. Some perks combinations work insane, so you should consider crafting a god roll for each, depending on your preferences and loadout configuration. In the following list, you find the PvE & PvP god rolls for each King's Fall raid weapon:

• Zaouli's Bane

  • PvE God Roll: Smallbore, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload, Incandescent & Runneth Over.
  • PvP God Roll: Hammer Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload, Eye of the Storm & Runneth Over.

• Smite of Merain

  • PvE God Roll: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Magazine, Focused Fury, Swashbuckler & Runneth Over.
  • PvP God Roll: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Magazine, Demolitionist, Firefly & Runneth Over.

• Doom of Chelchis

  • PvE God Roll: Arrowhead Brake, Flared Magwell, Explosive Payload, Frenzy & Runneth Over.
  • PvP God Roll: Extended Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload, Eye of the Storm & Runneth Over.

• Midha's Reckoning

  • PvE God Roll: Chambered Compensator, Liquid Coils, Cornered, Reservoir Burst & Runneth Over.
  • PvP God Roll: Corkscrew Rifling, Accelerated Coils, Unrelenting, Tap the Trigger & Runneth Over.

• Defiance of Yasmin

  • PvE God Roll: Extended Barrel, Accurized Rounds, No Distractions, Vorpal Weapon & Runneth Over.
  • PvP God Roll: Extended Barrel, Accurized Rounds, No Distractions, Opening Shot & Runneth Over.

• Qullim's Terminus

  • PvE God Roll: Corkscrew Rifling, Flared Magwell, Heating Up, Killing Tally & Runneth Over.
  • PvP God Roll: Arrowhead Brake, Accurized Rounds, Dynamic Sway Reduction, Firefly & Runneth Over.

Note: Crafting the god rolls for these KF weapons requires a lot of time and grind, but it is worth the effort.

King's Fall Armors Loot Table

Opening Gate Totems
(1st Encounter)
(2nd Encounter)
(3rd Encounter)
Daughters of Oryx
(4th Encounter)
Oryx, The Taken King
(Final Encounter)

Class Item

Class Item

Class Item

Class Item





















Important: Each encounter of King’s Fall raid drops rewards only once per week for each character.

Note: The KF loot table is just indicative. You can’t get all the weapons & armor during a single run. The loot drop is based on RNG, so if you want all armor pieces and specific weapons for your build, you must repeatedly farm the encounter that drops your desired item.

King's Fall Armor Mods

King's Fall armor mods are unique additions that, once equipped, will increase the potential of your build. You need these mods to get the best configuration for your loadout.

The KF armor mods only drop from hidden chests, so you must complete the puzzles to acquire them during the raid. In the following list, you find all the King's Fall mods:

• Will of Light - Kinetic Mod

Your equipped Kinetic weapons deal increased damage to Taken combatants.

• Old God's Boon

Gain damage reduction while carrying the King's Fall relic.

• Run For Your Life

Gain increased mobility and resilience while you are Torn Between Dimensions.

• Mortal Medicine

Gain increased recovery and weapon reload speed while you have a Brand or are in a pool of Reclaimed Light.

• Will of Light - Arc Mod

Your equipped Arc weapons deal increased damage to Taken combatants.

• Will of Light - Solar Mod

Your equipped Solar weapons deal increased damage to Taken combatants.

• Will of Light - Void Mod

Your equipped Void weapons deal increased damage to Taken combatants.

• Will of Light - Stasis Mod

Your equipped Stasis weapons deal increased damage to Taken combatants.

Note: You must choose the proper armor mod to build the optimal loadout for your guardian.

King's Fall Raid Preparation

Below you can find the recommended loadouts for efficient clears and maximum survivability in the KF raid:

Classes & Subclasses
Hunter Warlock Titan
Nightstalker Dawnblade Sentinel
Revenant Well of Radiance Sunbreaker

Hunter: Nightstalker or Revenant is an incredible subclass for KF Raid, making Mobius Quiver with Orpheus Rig/Star-Eater Scales one of the best DPS & add-clear.

Warlock: you can run either Voidwalker for DPS or Shadebinder for add-clear. Middle Tree Dawnblade (Well of Radiance) is fantastic for healing and provides a damage buff to your teammate, for Boss encounters.

Titans: should run Sentinel for the amazing add-clear and heal they can provide to the fireteam. You can also use Ward of Dawn to buff the damage. For Warpriest and Golgoroth encounters, you might want to run Sunbreaker to create sunspots & clear the spawning adds efficiently.

Kinetic Energy Power
Witherhoard/ Arbalest Divinity Taipan-4FR / Stormchaser / Whisper of the Worm
Add-Clear Weapons Trinity Ghoul / Forbearance Add-Clear Weapons

We have a few tips for weapons to boost your damage output in encounters where you have to damage an actual boss. The perfect loadout would be four-person to have Witherhoard equipped with Linear Fusion Rifles(preferably Firing Line perk on it), one member with Divinity, and one with a legendary sniper and Bastion or Shotgun for encounters where you meet Unstoppable Ogres. For add-clearing, use your Solar weapon paired with Font of Might and Solar wells for the safest strategy.

Secret Deepsight Resonance Chest

Like the previous Destiny 2 raids, King's Fall has a hidden chest that you have to seek for a Deepsight Resonance weapon for each run. You must activate three out of nine runes dispersed along raid encounters to open the chests.

Oryx Portal Runes Runes Under Portal

Hive Symbols Locations

It will help if you discover which runes to activate at the beginning of the KF raid before entering the portal. You have to go under the platform that holds the portal, where you'll see the runes that need to be activated.

Secret Deepsight Resonance Chest

First Symbol: After finishing the Opening Encounter, you reach the swinging pendulums. Jump on top of the first one and turn around. The Symbol will be glowing under the platform you jumped from.

Second Symbol:: Reach the first hidden chest and turn around. The Symbol is above the doorframe.

Third Symbol: In the Totems Encounter, head to the left side of the room. Climb on top of a nearby wall and look to your left. The Symbol is beside the wall on the second floor.

Fourth Symbol: In the Warpriest Encounter, climb up to the left plate and look to your right to find it on the wall.

Fifth Symbol: At the end of Golgoroth's Maze, turn around at the exit pit to find the Symbol.

Sixth Symbol: In the Golgoroth Encounter, drop down from the rally banner and turn to your left. The Symbol is on the wall.

Seventh Symbol: The Symbol is located to the left of Hidden Chest #3.

Eighth Symbol: At the end of the final jumping puzzle, look up from the doorway leading to the Daughters' Encounter. The Symbol is floating on the ceiling.

Ninth Symbol: When you enter the Daughters/Oryx arena, turn around, and above the entrance doorway, you will find the last Symbol.

How to complete the Opening Gate Pre-Encounter?

To access the King's Fall raid, guardians must open a Hive portal. Your fireteam must dunk all relics to the statue at the Court of Oryx’s Portal entrance and open the raid gate.

The first step is splitting your fireteam into two groups. One group has to go to the right side, and the other has to take the left side.

Blighted Doors

The second step requires each group to organize: One player must collect and carry the orb, while the other two guardians must kill the enemies and clear the way by breaking the barriers from each door that leads to the statue.


The last step is destroying all the barriers, unlocking the doors, and heading back to the center before the timer runs out.

Your team has to repeat these steps until you manage to deposit all orbs. After all orbs are immersed, the team must go into the Court of Oryx near the portal and defeat all the enemies. Clearing the area will get the portal unlocked.

Note: Some tricks could ease your portal unlocking quest. One player can remain in the center and kills all the enemies that spawn. Another strategy you can use is quickly changing positions by destroying the doorway and getting near the next orb while the first carrier brings the previous one to the center.

Hidden Chest #1

To spawn the first hidden chest, you must finish opening the Entrance Gate and take a turn before you arrive at the Totems Encounter. When you reach the section where you ride on top of the Hive Ship, on the left side of the wall is a sloppy edge you can jump on, leading to a small doorway with the chest inside. The door only opens if you have people on the plates that move the ship!

Once you have grabbed the chest, you can swap places with your fireteam.

First Hidden Chest

Totems Encounter Guide (First Encounter)

The first encounter of the raid doesn’t have a boss, but it requires a lot of communication with your teammates to succeed. You must collect approximately 200x Deathsinger's Stacks from the two explosive totems and bank them at the central platform in front of the closed portal.

Totems Door

How to complete the Totems Encounter

You will split your team into two groups of three - a party on the left and the other on the right. Two players from each group will stay in the middle, for a total of four, while the 3rd party member claims the Aura Buff and heads on the Totem's Plate.

First Encounter Map

One member of each team will then jump on the upper platform on the left and right of the middle room and kill the Wizard, which will spawn a Blightguard.

Blightguard Knight

After eliminating the Knight, grab the Brand Claimer and meet with your teammate on the totem's plate. Grab the buff from the Aura Holder and remain on the platform to gather as many Deathsinger's Power stacks as possible.

The second party member will now hunt the Witch and the Blightguard to get the brand reclaimer buff, while the first teammate banks the Power on the Middle Plate.

Note: To steal the buff from a teammate, use Interact Key on it. To make it easier, the player with the buff should start a 10-second countdown so that the runner knows how much time he has left before he dies.

Red bar enemies count as a single Power stack, while orange bar enemies are worth triple. You can leave the totem plate to meet sooner with your brand claimer teammate if they are running short on time.

Note: If you have any Deathsinger's Power Stacks on yourself, you won't be able to pick up the Brand Reclaimer, so I wouldn't recommend going farther than 20 to 25 stacks because it takes more time to bank it, and every second matters!

An Unstoppable Hive Ogre will sometimes spawn in front of the Spawn Door, and you will have to burst him down to keep the loop going until all the door runes are ignited. "The Warpriest deems you worthy" message will appear on the screen, and the precious loot awaits you.

Unstoppable Ogre

Note: You can damage the mobs spawning in front of the middle portal and let your teammates guarding the totem kill them for more stacks.

Warpriest Encounter Guide (Second Encounter)

The Brand of the Initiate and Brand Claimer mechanic is active during the Warpriest encounter and acts like the Totems one. You need to step on the glowing plates in order and survive the dark attack after each damage phase.


How to complete the Warpriest Encounter

Split your team into three teams of two - middle, left, and right. A revenant Knight will spawn on each side, and the glyph reading sequence will start after killing them. (A message will appear on your screen: "Glyph reading sequence started.") The Center plate will begin to glow, and only one person must step on it to look at the pillars in front of each side and call out which one shines without leaving the plate. The Glowing will always be on the backside of the pillar! If neither the left nor the right is glowing, then the center is the first one that must be activated to start the sequence.

Second Encounter Map

Note: Only the person who stepped on the plate can see the back of the totem light up.

When the first pillar is recognized as the first one in the sequence, the middle person must step out of the plate, and another message will pop up on your screen: "Glyph Sequence Started."

Based on the callout, a single person must stand on the corresponding plate and call out the next glowing pillar. The second person will step up on the related platform, and whoever steps on the final plate will be given the Brand of the Initiate buff.

Glowing Totem

Glyph Sequence Reading Example:

Three Players – Player 1(Left), Player 2(Middle) & Player 3(Right)

– Player 1 steps on the reading plate, looks for the glowing totem and then steps off it.
– Player 1 says that the right is glowing, and Player 3 steps on.
– Player 3 sees the left pillar glowing, and Player 2 steps on.
– The damage phase begins when player 1 steps on the remaining middle plate.

Note: The three players assigned to sit on the platforms must stay on them until the last player receives the Brand of the Initiate buff; otherwise, the sequence breaks.

When you receive the Brand of the Initiate Buff, it will be granted to you for 20 seconds and three stacks. You must rotate the buff as in the previous encounter by killing a Blightguard and claiming the dropped Brand Claimer. The Guard Knights randomly spawn on one side, and a single player must start the hunt. The rotation must be done until you run out of buff's stacks.

Warpriest Brand of the Initiate

If the Brand of the Initiate buff runs out, you won't be able to damage the Warpriest anymore. The faster you find the Knight and reclaim the Brand Buff, the more time you have to deal damage to the boss. Everyone else dealing damage must stay within the radius of the Brand of the Initiate buff; otherwise, your shots would not harm.

Note: You can use your radar to find the Blightguards faster since they are the only enemies in the arena that spawns in the glyph sequence.

After a complete damage phase, do not run, as the boss will unleash a wipe mechanic that kills anyone not hiding behind a pillar. Once the attack ends, the totem will vanish and cannot be used for another wipe protection.

Note: You will have four damage phases, with the fourth killing the entire team since there won't be any pillars to hide behind.

Hidden Chest #2

The second chest, located in Golgoroth's Cellar after the Warpriest encounter, will require you to navigate through a maze to find five plates, and you have to step on them in a particular order! You can use the video and the map down below to follow the order and avoid the obstacles along the way:

Golgoroth Encounter Guide (Third Encounter)

The purpose of this encounter is to kill Golgoroth. This task is accomplished by separating the group into two teams, one to annoy and the other to do DPS. This boss has only one wipe mechanic, namely the ignition of the runes of the pillar in the bottom arena, the one from which you deal DPS. These runes light up during the DPS phases - if you don't destroy all the floating orbs, they will ignite the runes.


How to complete the Golgoroth Encounter

Golgoroth is the second boss of King’s Fall Raid. You should split your group into multiple teams focusing firstly on add clearing — three members on the left and three on the right. The second phase of the fight is the boss damage, where you will need two teams of two Taunters and DPS. Everyone else who does not have a role must clear the adds as fast as possible.

Third Encounter Map

After all adds are dead, you can focus on Golgoroth, and the first taunter can get behind Golgoroth while the others prepare the pool for the damage phase. After the pool drops, the Taunter must draw Golgoroth's Gaze by shooting him in the open crit spot on his back.

Note: Destroy all the droplets before ending the damage phase, so the Totem of Ruins won't stack enough runes to Wipe your team.

After drawing his gaze, Golgoroth will start looking in Taunter's direction while shooting orbs at him. He must destroy the homing balls as fast as possible because they do significant damage that might kill the Taunter and end the damage phase.

Golgoroth's Bubbles

Let's discuss about the DPS team and what they must do in this damage phase. When an orb is shot down, it will create a pool of Reclaimed Light for a specific period. Golgoroth's crit spot is in the middle of his body on his front side.

Bubbles Rotation

One of the players standing in the pool will receive the Unstable Light debuff, and once they have it, he will need to run away from the DPS team. The debuff will make him explode after a short amount of time, killing everyone around (Our tip is to go near golgoroth and damage him with the explosion).

When the damage phase ends, return to the add clear formations and repeat the process. Hive enemies will start to spawn instead of Taken when Golgoroth reaches 25% of his health.

Hidden Chest #3

The third King's Fall secret chest is found during the jumping puzzle after the Golgoroth Encounter. Instead of going to the left and heading to the subsequent encounter, you must reveal some hidden platforms with your ghost. Use the platforms to climb up underneath the archway; it will lead you to a doorway and the room with the chest.

Third Hidden Chest

The Daughters of Oryx Encounter Guide (Fourth Encounter)

The objective of this encounter is to kill the two Daughters. The best strategy would be to alternate the damage phases from one witch to another to avoid the wipe mechanic. That is triggered if the two witches are not killed in successive DPS phases (if in the current DPS phase you killed a witch must so that you are 100% sure that you can bring the second one down in the next phase.)

Daughter's Encounter

How to complete The Daughters of Oryx Encounter

Start by assigning a player to each of the four pillars in the arena. The daughters will be floating in the middle of the room on the high elevated platforms; these will be the bosses for this encounter.

Daughters of Oryx

To start the encounter, kill the knight standing on one of the plate, and the bosses will awaken. Adds will begin spawning in massive amounts, and there will be Arc shielded Centurions that you must deal with.

Now, let's talk about the plates and how to begin the damage phase. After killing the knight standing on the platform, the person assigned for that plate must scan the other plates until they see the objective marker or the orb above them. After calling out the ball's position, the person assigned to that specific plate must step on it. A series of platforms will appear, and the person that has received the Torn Between Dimensions buff must traverse the platform and collect the orb.

Fourth Encounter Map

Note: Both players must stay on the platforms; otherwise, the plates will break and disappear.

After doing this rotation twice, the third run will always spawn the Brand Claimer Buff on top of the platforms (You must interact with the orb to claim it). It will be the runner's job to deactivate one of the Daughter's shields, the one that's shooting you!

For Example: If the daughter is attacking you, steal the buff of the Boss and start DPS'ing her.

Note: If you kill one of the Daughters, the other must die in the next damage phase. If you don't, the team will get wiped, and you have to start over.

The damage phase will end when the aura buff runs out of time. Be sure to group up near the person with the buff; otherwise, you'll get wiped by the other Daughter's Song. Keep alternating the damage phases between bosses to damage them equally.

Oryx, the Taken King Encounter Guide (Final Encounter)

The goal is to kill Oryx, the Taken King. The Torn player has to claim the buff in the same plate process as in the Daughters' encounter. You must detonate the bombs to activate the DPS phase for Oryx.

Oryx, The Taken King

How to Complete Oryx, the Taken King Encounter

The final battle in King's Fall Raid starts with Oryx slamming on a random plate and activating it, the version of the Knight from the previous encounter. When the platform starts glowing green, a person must step up on it and call out where the orb spawns.

Moving Oryx

The chosen runner will then jump on the platforms spawned and claim the buff. This part of the encounter is the same as in the Fourth Encounter of the raid.

Additionally, Light-Eater Ogres will spawn near the platforms; you have to kill them as quickly as possible.

Light Eater Ogre

Note: The Ogres spawn one per section, counter-clockwise from where the initial one emerges.

In their place, they will generate a Taken Orb, which you have to avoid until the damage phase later on. After the Ogre is killed, a Light-Eater Knight will spawn in the opposite corner. You have to kill them as soon as possible otherwise, they will try to consume the Taken Orb.

Lighteater Rotation

The third claim involves the runner picking up the brand, and he will need to bring down the shield of a new enemy called Vessel of Oryx, which spawns in the middle of the arena. Once the shield is down, take him down immediately, take his brand and move back to the previous formation. Everyone assigned to a plate must prepare to go near their Taken Ball to prepare for detonation. When Oryx starts channeling his attack, quickly detonate the orbs and move back to the center to get protection from their teammate's aura.

Once Oryx makes his wipe-mechanic attack, his chest will start to glow; this is the DPS phase, where you must empty your weapons on him.

When the damage phase ends, one of two things will happen:

1. If a Knight spawns on top of the four plates, you must separate from each other and run. Oryx will bomb your last known position.

2. If no Taken Knights spawn, Oryx will conjure a field of darkness and randomly choose players to be teleported inside. Inside, you must scan the surroundings and kill a Shade of Oryx. If you don't kill him fast, it will cause an instant wipe.

Oryx Darkness Field

After that, you return to normal and repeat the process for the following damage phase.

When Oryx reaches his final stand state, two Light-Eater Ogres will spawn in at the front right and left of the arena. Immediately after you kill the second ogre, Oryx will start his final attack. You will use the bombs to stun him. Everyone must shoot everything they've got to get it down before he succeeds.

How to complete King's Fall Raid Challenges

King's Fall encounters come with a weekly challenge that rewards you with an additional reward upon completion. A challenge makes the encounter more difficult, so great team coordination and communication are the keys to success.

How to complete the Totems Encounter Challenge

To complete the first encounter challenge, you must not have the same buff twice a row. If you start on the left side and get the Brand of the Unraveler, you cannot use the Brand Claimer to take the same brand, and you have to go to the right side and get the Brand of the Weaver. The same rule applies on the right side.

Note: You should swap sides after depositing your Deathsinger's Power Stacks.

How to complete the Warpriest Encounter Challenge

The challenge for the Warpriest encounter it's pretty straightforward; On the damage phase, after you kill the Blighted Knight for the Brand Claimer buff, you must pick up the brand of the Initiate out of your teammate almost immediately. You'll need to move to the Blighted Knight as a team while DPS'ing the Warpriest.

Note: After grabbing the Blighted Knight's Buff, you have approximately five seconds to swap the buff.

How to complete the Golgoroth Encounter Challenge

Golgoroth's challenge aims to have the player with Golgoroth's Gaze stand in the Pool of Reclaimed Light with the other teammates while the other runner recaptures the gaze. The same rule applies to the following party members that steal the gaze from Golgoroth.

How to complete the Daughters of Oryx Encounter Challenge

For the Daughters Encounter challenge, you need to jump on the platforms in a specific way; you cannot stand on the same plate twice in a single damage phase. For easy completion, you can rotate your plates when the Torn Between Dimensions player finishes his platforming section and claims the buff.

How to complete the Oryx, The Taken King Encounter Challenge

This encounter's challenge is similar to the Daughters' one. You cannot kill the same Light-Eating Ogres and Knights twice throughout the encounter. Delay the runner, and rotate the plate standers after each DPS phase.


After defeating Oryx, the final KF raid boss, you may get the Touch of Malice exotic, a returning scout rifle from Destiny 1 that drains enemies' life force, turning it into a dark energy ball blinding the combatants. All weapon's stats are balanced, so it's a must-have for all guardians.

Touch of Malice

The raid exotic also has a catalyst that adds the Rapid Hit perk, temporarily increasing the stability and reload speed. You can obtain the Touch of Malice catalyst by completing a specific quest during King's Fall raid if you have the exotic on your account.

The Touch of Malice catalyst quest requires teamwork. In the following list, we explained all the steps for quest completion:

- Split your fireteam to cover all four quarters of the area.
- A player must head to a plate with Touch of Malice equipped.
- Simultaneously pick all relics that spawn in the arena.
- Head towards the middle of the Dreadnaught and dunk the relics before the timer runs out.

After getting the Touch of Malice catalyst, you need to unlock it by masterworking your weapon. The process is straightforward; you must kill 500 enemies using Touch of Malice.


We did our best to structure our Destiny 2 King’s Fall raid guide efficiently. We completed all encounters repeatedly to ensure it wraps up all the information you need in detail. You are now ready to be a key player, helping your team defeat all bosses and get all the stunning rewards that drop during the KF raid.

We engage to keep this guide updated with the upcoming strategies, challenges, and Master difficulty as soon as they are available in the game, so you should revisit our King's Fall guide from time to time to be up to date with all the new additions launched by Bungie in the near future.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide will ease your journey toward all King’s Fall raid phases and help you get one step further to success. We did all the research, and now it’s your turn to show your skill. Give it a try, Guardian!

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