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In this section, you can buy Division 2 exotics, the rarest and most popular items in the game. Exotic items represent the highest tier of gear and rarity in Division 2, they are extremely powerful items that come with unique talents and are used in the end-game builds. You can get Division 2 exotic items from various sources such as exotic quests, raids, missions, faction bosses, open-world, and targeted areas. Our professional boosters are using the most efficient farming routes and boosting techniques so we guarantee the safe and fast delivery of any exotic armor or weapon in the game.
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Exotic items are the rarest and most exclusive pieces of gear a player can get in Division 2. The best exotic weapons and armor farming method is playing in a group with shared loot so you have increased chances of dropping the desired item.

Extremely powerful, exotics are named pieces of gear and weapons that come with special, unique perks which set them apart from all the other items in the game.

Division 2 exotics are mandatory for any end-game build as they have a huge impact on the character's overall performance. Exotic items fall into 2 categories: exotic weapons and exotic armor.

Exotic items have the lowest drop chance in the game so as a solo player getting the desired item can take days, maybe weeks.

Our exotic farming service guarantees the delivery of any Division 2 exotic weapon or armor for your character, fast and safe!


There are several ways to get exotic items in Division 2, as you can obtain them from various sources, such as:

  • Exotic quests, for those items that can only be obtained by getting their exotic blueprint, the required exotic components, and then finally craft them.

  • Raids, for the raid-exclusive exotics such as The Eagle Bearer, Regulus, or The Ravenous.

  • The Summit, by selecting the desired targeted loot type and farm the boss floors.

  • Open world bosses and missions, for specific faction-only exotic items.

The best way to get a Division 2 exotic item is to do some research and find out exactly where that particular item drops and then farm for it efficiently. When going for Division 2 exotics farming, it is highly recommended to assemble a team with loot-share for increased odds of getting the desired item a lot faster.


As a solo player, getting the desired exotic items can take a lot of time due to the low drop chances they are designed with. Sometimes they seem impossible to drop, so you are wondering if you should keep farming for them or simply give up on your project.

At KBoosting we have the solution: you can buy Division 2 exotics from the store with guaranteed delivery and finally complete the build you've always dreamed of.

Our team consists only of dedicated, professional players who have been providing farming services since the game's early days, and therefore, we are using the best boosting techniques when it comes to exotic items farming in Division 2.

The game can become really frustrating at certain points, so yes, it is totally worth buying exotics in Division 2, especially if you are a solo player and don't have too much time to invest in it.


When we refer to the best exotics in the game, we are looking at the most popular exotic items that are being used in multiple end-game builds. The best exotic weapons and armors in Division 2 are:

  • Eagle Bearer & The Regulus, raid-exclusive exotic weapons that can drop only in the raids.

  • Scorpio, the exotic shotgun that can be obtained by farming shotgun targeted areas.

  • Capacitor, the exotic assault rifle that drops in The Summit and in AR targeted areas.

  • Memento, the exotic backpack that can be obtained by farming backpack targeted areas.

  • Waveform, the exotic holster that can be obtained by farming holster targeted areas.

  • Ridgeway's Chest, the exotic armor that can be obtained by completing an exotic quest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deliver an exotic item?
Delivery time for exotic items depends from case to case. There are exotics that can be farmed by replaying the same content over and over, such as the exotic SMG Lady Death, exotic LMG Bullet King, exotic assault rifle The Bighorn, and so on, delivery usually within 24-48 hrs. Some exotic items require a special questline to complete, such as the exotic holster Dodge City Gunslinger’s holster or the exotic SMG Chatterbox, delivery usually within 24 hrs. The rarest ones, raid-exclusive Division 2 exotic items, might take more time to obtain as you can only have one chance of getting them per character per weekly reset.
How can exotic farming services be delivered?
You can buy Division 2 exotics only as a piloted service, with account sharing. One booster is going to log into your account and pass the account back after the job is done.
What are the most popular exotics we offer?
The top Division 2 exotics we offer are the exotic assault rifle Eagle Bearer, The Ravenous rifle, Regulus pistol, Ridgeway's Pride chest piece.
Are the services safe?
Absolutely. Just like any service provided by Kboosting, the Division 2 exotic farming service is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots. All the services offered by us are 100% safe.