Year 6 Season 1 Services

The Divison 2 Year 6 & Season 1 Boosting services help you obtain new brand sets, unique weapons, and exotic items in Title Update 21. Our Division 2 professional team is ready to help you build your desired character with the Best Armor and Weapons in the new Season 1.
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    Share your thoughts with us, let us know what service would be needed and consult with our professional team.

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    We are here to make sure its the right decision. Together we choose the best service for your character.

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    Once payment and final details are taken care of, a booster gets assigned and starts working on your order.


We created our Division 2 Year 6 Boosting services to help you grow quicker in the new Season 1. With our services, you can get all the unique armor sets and weapons lightning-fast with zero effort.

Year 6 & Season 1 New features:

  • • New Named Weapons & Armors.
  • • New Exotics.
  • • New Gear & Brand set.
  • • New Manhunt starts.
  • • New Rewards from the Season Track.

Our Professional Division 2 Boosting team is ready to help you achieve any Year 6 goal and build a dominating loadout prepared for any end-game activity Fast & 100% Safe.


Our Division 2 Season 1 Boosting services help you acquire all the new exotics, armor sets, and weapons in the blink of an eye!

At KBoosting, you can find high-quality Season 1 Boosting services such as:

  • • Seasonal Leveling 1-100.
  • • Breaking Point Gear Set.
  • • Zwiadowka Brand Set.
  • • Season 1 Exotics: Overlord Shotgun, Acosta’s Kneepads.
  • • Season 1 Named Items: Bober, Eagle's Grasp, Thron, Like Glue.
  • • Season 1 PvP & PvE Builds.

We specially designed our Season 1 Boosting services based on our customer's needs. Our Division 2 Boosters are always here to help you achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Division 2 Boosting?
The Division 2 Boosting is the process where Kboosting helps you build and improve your agent character in the best way possible. We provide you with specific, rare items – named gear, exotics, god rolls - which can be very difficult to obtain as a solo player. When you get a Division 2 boost from us, our professional team will help you get that missing brand or set item, god roll, exotic, etc, and complete that end-game, fun-to-play build for your agent in no time.
How are the boosting services performed?
When it comes to boosting services, there are 2 methods these can be delivered as: self played or piloted services. If you opt for the self played mode, you, the buyer, will play together with the booster, and will control your own account for the whole duration of the boost. The second option, the piloted mode, means that you will share your account’s credentials and the booster will take care of your Uplay account and handle that requested Division 2 boost directly on your account.
How long does a Division 2 boosting service take?
The vast majority of our services can be delivered in 24-48 hours but there are exceptions. For example, if you purchase a couple of set pieces wins it's very likely that we finish in a couple of hours after you give us the login information but for example, some complete builds can take up to a week of grinding or if a raid we If delivery time is very important for you some services have the "Express" extra option which will move your order in front of the queue which will speed things up with about 30%.