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Division 2 Hardcore boosting is a service provided by a professional player that helps you acquire any in-game goals for your HC agent effortlessly. Our professional Division boosters are veteran gamers that completed hundreds of hardcore orders and have enough experience to deliver a perfect service to your preference lightning-fast and 100% safe. We offer various HC services that speed up your journey towards the End-Game such as Hardcore leveling, Hardcore Builds, Hardcore Exotics, and more.
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    Browse the website

    STEP 1

    Take a look at our wide selection of offers and choose the desired service from our store.

  • STEP 2

    Consult with us

    STEP 2

    Share your thoughts with us, let us know what service would be needed and consult with our professional team.

  • STEP 3

    Order the service

    STEP 3

    We are here to make sure its the right decision. Together we choose the best service for your character.

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    Once payment and final details are taken care of, a booster gets assigned and starts working on your order.


Hardcore Boosting is a service that gets a skilled Division 2 player on your account which will use the best strategies and mechanics to fulfill your desired task and create an unstoppable HC agent.

Division 2 Hardcore is an intense and thrilling game mode that takes the already challenging world of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 to a whole new level. In this mode, character death becomes permanent, meaning that the tension and strategy involved in every encounter are increased significantly. Teamwork, precise coordination, and careful planning are essential for survival.

Our team consists of only proficient players who know the most efficient strategy for each activity, so feel free to boost your HC character at KBoosting.

How do the Hardcore boosting services work?

Below, we present the steps you must go through when you buy a HC boost in our store:

  • • Select the Division HC service you want to buy.
  • • Choose the boosting options and place the order.
  • • The boosting team will start the order in shortest time.
  • • The progress of the order will be uploaded to your account.
  • • You will be notified by email as soon as the order is done.
  • • Enjoy your new rewards!

If you wish to use your account during a Hardcore boost, we can schedule your service so that the booster's working time does not interfere with your playing sesions.


Hardcore is the most challenging game mode in Division 2 that requires lots of skills, focus, and dedication to successfully complete its demanding challenges. You should consider buying a Hardcore service if you don't want to spend hundreds of hours grinding and just have everything ready for the real battles with no effort.

Division 2 Hardcore offers a tough gaming experience for those seeking the ultimate test of their skills with no second chances. It's a mode where every decision matters and every step could be your last. So, purchasing a Division 2 HC service is the quickest and safest way to start your new journey successfully.

Why should you buy a Hardcore service?

We designed a list of reasons you should consider purchasing a Division 2 Hardcore boost:

  • • Find this mode difficult and want to keep up with other players.
  • • Don't want to risk loosing your character.
  • • Don't have enough time to play.
  • • Want some exotics or named items farmed fast.
  • • Want a fully functional build for your agent.

In addition, our development team always keeps Division 2 HC prices updated and fair, so our customers get the best value for their money. Our services are not the cheapest option on the market, but reflect the amount of time and work we need to invest in order to fulfill a Hardcore boosting service.

The KBoosting managers are available 24/7 to ensure that your Hardcore service goes smooth and 100% safe.


Our Division 2 HC boosting services help you achieve any in-game goal in the most challenging mode in the game lightning-fast. We designed various Hardcore services because we know how time-consuming and skillful involved it could be for an average player to create a strong character.

From our vast experience in the Division 2, we try to cover any type of request in the Hardcore mode, fitting our clients' preferences. We choose the perfect boosters to work on your desired HC order, and our managers regularly check them to ensure that they do their best when working on each order and consistently provide high-quality services.

Which are our best TD2 Hardcore services?

We have selected the most popular Hardcore boosting services available on our website:

  • • Hardcore Character Leveling.
  • • Hardcore Named Items.
  • • Hardcore Exotics.
  • • Hardcore Sets.
  • • Hardcore Builds.

For more information on our Division 2 Hardcore boosting services, don't hesitate to contact us through the live chat or discord server.


We have vast experience providing boosting services in Division games, so we claim that our Hardcore Boosting Services are 100% Safe. Your account safety is 100% guaranteed by KBoosting.

If you choose our Hardcore boosting services, getting your account banned is impossible. However, if you go for the cheapest service on forums or obscure websites, the booster may use 3rd party software that will harm your account, ruin your progress and get you banned.

Why should you choose KBoosting's Hardcore services?

In the following list, we present the advantages of buying HC services from our website:

  • • We have a vast experience in The Division 2.
  • • Your account safety & privacy are 100% guaranteed.
  • • We focus on service quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.
  • • We only work with verified boosters that spent many hours in Ubisoft's game.
  • • Our boosters signed a contract never to use any hacks during a boost.
  • • Managers are available 24/7 for customer support and guidance.
  • • Our development team keeps all services updated to ensure you find everything you need.
  • • We calculate all prices based on the time & effort needed for the boost.

To conclude, buying our Division 2 Hardcore boosting services is the best option for you if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level. Here, you can find fair prices & professional boosters, and a friendly customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Division 2 Hardcore Boosting?
The Division 2 Hardcore Boosting is the process where Kboosting helps you build and improve your agent character in the best way possible. We provide you with specific, rare items – named gear, exotics, which can be very difficult to obtain as a solo player. When you get a Division 2 HC boost from us, our professional team will help you get that missing brand or set item, god roll, exotic, etc, and complete that end-game, fun-to-play build for your agent in no time.
How long does a Division 2 Hardcore boosting service take?
The vast majority of our HC services can be delivered in 24-48 hours but there are exceptions. For example, if you purchase a couple of set pieces it's very likely that we finish in a couple of hours after you give us the login information but for example, some complete builds can take up to a week of grinding. If delivery time is very important for you, our HC services have the "Express" extra option which will move your order in front of the queue which will speed things up with about 30%.
When do you start working on my HC boost?
Usually the Hardcore boost starts couple minutes after the order is placed and the payment is processed. There are couple exceptions though when we might be overloaded, when the request on services is very high, such as new seasons launch. Even if we can’t start working on your order right away, before purchasing, the manager will let you know when your Division 2 boost can be provided.
Do you have the best prices for Hardcore services?
When it comes to prices, at Kboosting we have fair prices, which reflect the work and time needed to invest in order to obtain the boost the client goes for. We try to keep our HC prices as low as possible, and please keep in mind that every Division 2 boosting service provided by Kboosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, bots, etc.