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In this section you can buy Division 2 farming services, a category specially designed for those players who are looking for specific sets, brand sets, named items, or god-rolled items. The sets are part of the customization system, as wearing a certain set will provide a certain bonus for your character. There are two types of sets in the game, brand sets, and gear sets. Wearing more than one piece of the same set will reward extra stats and talents for your character. When it comes to named gear, that addresses those advanced players who want to min-max their builds and stats so they go for those hard-to-get-named weapons and named armors that come with better stats and perfect talents on them. The Division 2 god roll items are the best items in the game, they have max stats and have a major impact on your overall damage output.
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Division 2 Farming - Who will benefit the most?

These services are suitable for those players who aim for the best items in the game, we have the god roll items farming, these are the perfect items with perfect stats.

When you buy Division 2 sets, first of all, you need to decide what kind of set you want to go for. Whether it is a gear set or brand set, every single one of them is directly related to a specific weapon type or playstyle. Judging by the bonuses you receive by equipping them, some sets encourage a more aggressive playstyle while others are being used in support or tank type of builds. Some sets are ideal for a specific weapon class while others are designed especially for skill builds.

Every end-game build in the game consists of a combination of 2-3x brand sets or gear sets. If you are wearing more than one item of the same brand set, that will reward an extra brand set bonus, up to a maximum of 3 brand set bonuses. But when it comes to gear sets things are a bit different: these reward gear set bonus on 2-piece and 3-piece and a specific talent at 4-pieces equipped, with additional talents to enhance the effectiveness of that particular gear set which can be found on body armor and backpack parts only.

The Division 2 god roll items and named items are part of the end-game grinding so these kinds of services address especially to experienced, advanced players. These items have higher than allowed rolls on them, which makes them special. When it comes to Division 2 named gear, these items come with perfect talents.

The perfect talent on a division named gear item is the better version of already existing talent, giving you a higher buff. For armor slots, these perfect talents are only available for chest and backpack gear slots. As for named weapons, these can have perfect talents as well. These named items are potentially “best in slot” for most of the builds, giving you those increased buffs which will really make a difference for your character’s power.

If you buy Division 2 gear boost from us, these can be delivered only as piloted services, with account sharing because obtaining a full set, named item or god-rolled item can take anywhere between 24-96 hours. So one booster is going to log into your account and get the requested items for your character and once the job is done and the task is complete, we will pass you back the account.

There is no gear requirement when you buy gear farming services. As for level requirement, in order to be eligible for our services, your agent needs to be level 40 and have the Warlords of New York campaign completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to farm a Division 2 brand set or gear set?
In order to get a complete brand set or gear set, there is a lot of grinding to be done, you need a skilled 4 man team with loot sharing, which can efficiently clear content on the highest difficulties in the game. We guarantee the delivery of any Division 2 set between 24-72 hours.
How can the sets and named items be delivered?
You can buy sets and named items only as a piloted service, with account sharing. One booster is going to log into your account and pass the account back after the job is done.
When does the gear farming service start?
We start working on your gear boost couple minutes after the order is placed and the payment is processed. There are couple exceptions though when we might be overloaded, when the request on services is very high, such as raid launches. Even if we can’t start working on your order right away, before purchasing, the manager will let you know when your boost can be taken care of.
What platforms can the farming services be delivered on?
We provide the Division 2 gear farming services on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.
What are the benefits of purchasing a gear boost?
The most important advantage of purchasing a Division 2 gear boost is the fact that you shorten the time needed to obtain your favourite set, named item or god rolled item for your agent. On top of that, our consultants are here to make sure you benefit of the best advices and assistance possible, ready to help with links for written guides or video tutorials which will help you improve your character further more.
What are the most popular gear farming services we offer?
Our top Division 2 gear boosts are sets, brand sets, named items, god rolled items farming services.
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