Premade Account 13 End-Game Builds


Here you can buy Division 2 account, containing one character with multiple end-game builds prepared.

On this premade PC account we prepared 13 end-game builds, all of them saved as loadouts.

There are alot more items saved in stash aswell, in case you ever want to try new builds or make some changes to the current ones.

The boosting process for the account is handmade, without the usage of any 3rd party software that could ever harm the license in any way: exploits, hacks, aimbots etc.

All of the premade accounts that we sell are being prepared manually by our own boosters, so everything is 100% safe.

When you buy Division 2 accounts at Kboosting, you are looking at an INSTANT DELIVERY: upon purchase, you get account credentials automatically sent to your e-mail (The info will be sent to the e-mail you use for checkout)

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to check your Spam folder for the e-mail!


Kboosting is the first and only owner of the game license, which is purchased legitimately from Ubisoft Official Store. There are absolutely zero risks of account recall!

When you buy The Division 2 accounts from us, you purchase a premade Uplay Account on PC platform, specially prepared for sale.

Once purchased, you gain access to the account's original e-mail and password, so you will be in full control of the account. You have the freedom to customize the Uplay Account and character further more, change the login information, looks of the character, nickname etc.


As previously stated, when you buy TD2 accounts from us, we GUARANTEE the delivery of a character with multiple end-game builds prepared and saved as loadouts. For this particular account we prepared the follwing builds:

  • Legendary Skill Build With Waveform & Capacitor for Legendary difficulty
  • PvP Assault Rifle Build with Eagle Bearer for Dark Zone and Conflict
  • PvP Hunter's Fury SMG Build for Dark Zone and Conflict
  • Headhunter One-Shot Pistol Build for any PvE & PvP activity
  • PvE Backfire SMG Build with Memento for any Heroic difficulty activity
  • PvE Hunter's Fury SMG Speedfarm Build for any Heroic difficulty activity
  • PvE Assault Rifle Build for The Summit and Raids Ready
  • PvE Negociator's Dilemma Build for any Heroic difficulty activity
  • Legendary Status Effect Build for The Summit and Raids Ready
  • Legendary Healer Build for The Summit and Raids Ready
  • Legendary Rifle Build for The Summit and Raids Ready
  • Legendary Tank Build for The Summit and Raids Ready
  • Sniper Build for The Summit and Raids Ready

EXOTIC ITEMS: Eagle Bearer, Memento Backpack, Scorpio, Waveform, Capacitor, Vile Mask, Coyote's Mask, Chameleon, Backfire, Liberty, Tardigrade Chest, Sweet Dreams, The Bighorn, Bullet King, Merciless, Acosta's Go-Bag, Imperial Dynasty, Sawyer's Kneepads.

NAMED ITEMS: Matador, Contractor's Gloves, Chainkiller, Fox's Prayer, Dark Winter, Baker's Dozen, Mechanical Animal, Test Subject, Everlasting Gaze, Designated Hitter, Punch Drunk, Pyromaniac, The White Death, Deathgrips, Pointman, Pristine Example, The Sacrifice, Zero F's, Forge and many others.



  • Internet access
  • PC that meets the game's minimum requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy Division 2 accounts?
Absolutely. We are the first and only owners of any game license we sell and any boosting service is handled manually by our boosters, so everything is safe 100%.
How long does it take to receive the account?
Instant delivery. After the order is placed and payment is processed, the account's credentials are being automatically sent to the e-mail used at checkout.
Can i transfer this character on my existing Uplay account?
Unfortunatelly that's not possible. You cannot transfer or merge characters when it comes to Uplay accounts. When you purchase a character you purchase a new Uplay account with a new game license on it.
Is this character prepared for end-game content? Such as raids, highest difficulty activities farming etc?
Yes, of course, the account has multiple builds prepared for end-game content. The character is ready for raids, The Summit, PvP etc
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