Eye of the Storm Carry & Recovery

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Self Play
The self play delivery mode requires your to play with the boosting team. It's very safe, fast, and fun.
We have completed thousands of orders using the piloted mode and never faced any bans or suspensions, so we can confidently say that is very safe to use even though giving us your login information may seem a bit scary.
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Here you can buy Outriders Eye of the Storm Carry Boost, a recovery service that 100% guarantees the completion of the 14th, the final and most challenging Expedition on the highest challenge tier in the game, tier 15.

Expeditions represent unique dungeons that are part of the end-game content in the Outriders universe, with 15 different tiers of difficulties, unlocking the best loot in the game.

Eye of the Storm is the final Expedition in the game, the hardest and most challenging but for the best rewards the game has to offer. In order to unlock it, you have to complete a challenge tier 15 expedition.

The Eye of the Storm service is available for both self play and piloted modes. If you opt in for piloted mode with account sharing, one booster will have to log into your account and play until he gets the requested amount of runs. For extra security, if needed, we can also use VPN of your country.

You can customize your own Eye of the Storm Expedition boost by selecting the desired amount of runs.

At KBoosting you can get Outriders Eye of the Storm Carries on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.


ETA⌛ for the Eye of the Storm Expedition completion is between 6 and 24 hours, depending on the selected amount of runs.

We guarantee that the EotS Expedition boost will be handmade, without the use of any hacks or bots, 100% safe and risk free.

The booster will save all the weapons and gear that drop on your account for the whole duration of the Eye of the Storm Carry service and you will decide what to save and what to deconstruct.


  • In order to be eligible for this boosting service, you must own Outriders in your Steam Library, your character must be level 30 and have open access to the Eye of the Storm Expedition.
  • If your character doesn’t meet the level requirement, you must purchase our POWER LEVELING SERVICE prior to your Eye of the Storm Carry boost.
  • If you don't have access to this final expedition yet, please purchase the unlock of the previous challenge tiers by using our CHALLENGE TIER BOOSTING SERVICE.
  • If you opt for the account sharing mode, you will need to pass us your account’s credentials, DISABLE 2FA Verification and don’t log the account untill the boost is complete.

  • On Play Station and Xbox, disabling the 2-Step-Verification login protection will help ease up the process for both you and our booster (you won't need to give us the login code from phone or e-mail).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eye of the Storm in Outriders?
Eye of the Storm is the final expedition in the Outriders universe, the hardest and most challenging post-campaign mission the game has to offer.
How to unlock Eye of the Storm Expedition?
In order to unlock access to Eye of the Storm final expedition, you must complete an expedition of challenge Tier 15 difficulty.
What is the Eye of the Storm expedition difficulty?
Outriders final expedition (EotS) is the hardest post-campaign mission in the game, with the most challenging encounters and best rewards the game has to offer. There are 15 tiers of difficulty you can run it on: the harder the difficulty, the smaller the timeframe to complete it, the better the reward will be.
What are the Eye of the Storm expedition rewards?
The quality of the loot and rewards that you obtain in a Eye of the Storm run directly depends on the difficulty and efficiency the mission was cleared on. There are up to 15 different tiers for each expedition. The higher the level, the more difficult the content becomes but with higher quality and quantity of loot.
Can you buy Eye of the Storm carries in Outriders?
Yes, at KBoosting you can buy Eye of the Storm carry boost, a recovery service which GUARANTEES the completion of the final expedition in the game on the selected difficulty, for your character.
Is it safe to buy Eye of the Storm recovery services in Outriders?
Absolutely. Every service provided by KBoosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, exploits or any glitches. Our Eye of the Storm Expedition Carry services are 100% safe.
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