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Here you can Buy Destiny 2 Accounts premade for sale by Kboosting's pro players. The accounts we sell are usually Max Power accounts (hard-cap) with all 3 characters (Hunter, Titan, Warlock) leveled to that power cap and with good setups capable to handle any end-game activities such as Raids and Trials of Osiris. The accounts are Cross Save capable so you can play your new account on any platform: PC, Play Station, and Xbox.
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Our Destiny 2 Accounts for Sale

Since some players don't want to wait a couple of weeks to boost their own account to the power cap, we designed this category to sell pre-made accounts ready to use.

Some customers prefer to buy an account that is ready to encounter any activity in the game.

The accounts we sell have a limited number of exotics as they are relatively new, but you can always upgrade them post-purchasing and buy more Exotic Weapons.

Destiny 2 Account Types you can find at KBoosting:

There are 3 account types you can find in our offer:

  • • Budget Account.
  • • Mid-Tier Account.
  • • High-End Account.

The boosting process for the account is handmade, without using any 3rd party software that could ever harm the license in any way: exploits, hacks, aimbots, etc.

All the premade accounts we sell are being prepared manually by our boosters, so everything is 100% safe.

We will also give you the original e-mail address for the account so you can move it to your e-mail afterward and customize your name, avatar, etc.

Why Should You Buy a Destiny 2 Account

The most important fact that makes us the best choice when buying a Destiny 2 account is that we prepare these accounts to be sold. is the original owner of the accounts, so there are zero chances of recalls or other issues resulting in the safest account purchase possible.

The account purchases from Kboosting are final and non-refundable.

Reasons to Buy a Destiny 2 Account:

When you decide to purchase one of our pre-made accounts, you will have benefits such as the following:

  • • There are zero risks of any kind.
  • • Pro players prepare the accounts.
  • • Instant delivery.
  • • You own the account after the purchase. You can change anything: Steam account, login info, nickname, etc.
  • Accounts are usually geared on PC (Steam) but have Cross Save available.

You can add Exotics, Misc upgrades, armor sets, raid weapons & any other addition to your new account. We will follow your specific instructions & prepare the account precisely as required in the quickest & most efficient way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy Destiny 2 Accounts from you?
Absolutely. Every service provided by Kboosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots. is the original owner of the accounts we sell so there are zero chances of recalls. You will get access to the original e-mail address aswell, just as the account was yours from the beginning.
How do i get my new account from you?
When you buy D2 accounts from us, delivery is INSTANT. After your payment is processed you will get an e-mail from Kboosting that will contain all the account's credentials (email address and password, Steam ID and password, PSN ID, Xbox live ID etc).
Will Kboosting refund me in case i don't like the account?
The answer is NO. We don't offer refunds when it comes to accounts. We consider that once we have passed the credentials of an account to someone that account cannot be sold again to someone else, that wouldn't be safe and fair for it's new owner, so, in conclusion, the account purchases are final and non-refundable.
Can i play the new account on my console?
Yes, the Destiny 2 accounts we sell are Cross Save viable so they can be played on all platforms: PC, Play Station, Xbox and Stadia. Our managers will help you out with the cross save procedure in case you don't know how to copy the new account to your favourite platform.
Do you guys buy D2 accounts? is not trading accounts, so the answer is NO. We don't buy accounts from anyone, all the accounts we sell have the licenses purchased directly from Bungie or Steam.