Exotic Weapons

Here you can buy Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons, the rarest and most sought-after weapons in the game. These are harder to get, they look different and come with unique perks that change your whole playstyle (some builds revolve around an exotic perk). Some of these weapons might be acquired through decrypting Exotic engrams, others for completing special Exotic Quests or even farming raids. Due to their unique abilities, only one Exotic weapon may be equipped at any given time.
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Our Destiny 2 Exotics Farming Services

Our Exotics farming services help you get a professional booster on your account to get your desired weapon quickly & efficiently.

Our professional boosters are eager to help you get the most wanted and powerful items the game offers.

Reasons to Buy Exotic Weapons:

We designed a list of benefits you get when you decide to purchase an Exotics farming service from KBoosting:

  • You save a lot of time & skip the tedious grind.
  • • We have provided professional boosting services since 2013.
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Whether you need a raid-exclusive exotic weapon or struggle with an exotic questline, at KBoosting, you can buy Destiny 2 exotic quest completion and guaranteed raid-exclusive exotic weapons for your guardian.

You can buy Destiny 2 exotic weapons only as piloted services (account sharing) because obtaining a guaranteed item can take many hours or even multiple weekly resets.

Best Exotics in Destiny 2

Exotics are the rarest weapons in Destiny 2, and you must complete specific quests or repeatedly farm challenging activities such as raids or dungeons to get these weapons. Exotic guns are mighty and come with unique exotic traits.

The source for Exotic weapons differs from case to case. You can get Destiny 2 exotic weapons as random drops by decrypting Exotic engrams, and others require completing an exotic quest or farming a specific raid.

All these activities might be exhausting and time-consuming, so you can rest assured that our skilled team will get you the desired weapon for your guardian in no time.

The Most Powerful Exotics in Destiny 2:

We researched and prepared a list of the best Exotics in the current season of Destiny 2:

  • • Witherhoard (PvE).
  • • Divinity (PvE).
  • • Gjallarhorn (PvE & PvP).
  • • Jotunn (PvP).
  • • Ace of Spades (PvP).
  • • Duality (PvP).
  • • Black Talon (PvP).

For more information about PvE Exotics and optimal loadouts, you can check our Destiny 2 best PvE weapons guide.

If you are more into PvP, we recommend our Destiny 2 best PvP weapons guide to find more information about the best PvP exotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deliver a Destiny 2 exotic weapon?
Delivery time depends from case to case. Some exotic weapons require a special questline to complete, which can be time-gated. The Destiny 2 exotic quest completion will be taken care of as soon as it can possibly be done taking into consideration the questline’s requirements. There are raid-exclusive exotic weapons we deliver aswell, our professional team will run the required raid over and over untill the desired exotic weapon is saved on your account.
How do i get my weapon?
You can buy Destiny 2 exotic weapons and exotic quest completion only as a Piloted type of service, with account sharing. One of our boosters is going to log into your account and pass the account back after the job is done.
Can I buy Destiny 2 exotic weapons for PS or Xbox?
We provide exotic weapon farming services on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.
What are the best Destiny 2 exotic weapons?
It`s very difficult to say wich weapons are the best as that depends very much on the activity you need to use them for. What we can say is the the best sellers at this moment are the Vex Mythoclast and Gjallarhorn Rocket Laucher..
Is it safe to buy exotic weapon quest completion?
Absolutely. Just like any service provided by KBoosting, the Destiny 2 exotic weapon service is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots. All the services offered by us are 100% safe.