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In Destiny 2 Events Farming section you can buy boosting services that are tailored for the special in-game events such as Festival of the Lost, The Dawning, Solstice of Heroes, Moments of Triumph, Guardian Games & more. Here you will also find farming services for Special Activities in Destiny 2 such as Escalation Protocol, Blind Well, or Altars of Sorrow Public Event Farming.
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Destiny 2 Special Events & Activities Farming - Who will benefit the most?

The D2 Special Events usually change the focus of the whole player pool as they always come with New Loot. Most of the time there is a new activity that goes away when the event finishes along with the special armors and weapons that it brings when the event starts. The new items that drop from the special events are usually with special perks or high stat rolls so they are worthed to grind for.

The Special Public Activities, similar to the events, have their own loot pool. The most popular are the Blind Well, Escalation Protocol, and the Altars of Sorrow event on the Moon. These activities take a significant amount of time to be farmed and they also require an experienced and coordinated team to be able to complete them.

We specially designed this section for those players who maybe want a Special God Roll for an item that drops during an Event or from a special activity and that requires a lot of farming. Also, people that can`t find a skilled enough group to do these activities can also use these services to obtain the special loot that we all love so much.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Destiny 2 Special Events?
They usualy bring new activities or modify some existing activities in the game, while bringing new, special loot. They are active for a couple of weeks than go away and come back next year. For example the "Solstice of Heroes" event is the summer event, which comes back every summer for about 6-7 weeks.
Why should i buy D2 Event Farming Services?
In case you can't find a team to farm the Special Events efficiently or just don`t have time to farm them, you might be missing some special and rare loot that might never be obtainable again.
How to the farming services work?
Most of the services are the piloted type, so after your payment is processed a booster will sign in on your profile and complete the service you have ordered. In some cases you can opt for a carry type of service where you will play your own account, while our boosting team will carry you through activities.
Is it safe to buy event farming services?
Absolutely. Just like any service provided by KBoosting, the Destiny 2 exotic catalysts service is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots. All the services offered by us are 100% safe.