Trials of Osiris Carries

In this section, you can buy Trials of Osiris services, trials-exclusive items and rewards farming. Trials of Osiris are the pinnacle of PvP, a competitive mode where two teams formed of three players have a limited amount of lives in the Elimination format. This is a time-gated event, it starts every Friday after reset and continues through the whole weekend until the daily reset on Monday. The services we provide in this section target end-game trials-exclusive activities and rewards.
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Trials of Osiris Carry Services

Trials of Osiris carries are self-play services that help you team up with professional Destiny 2 players, Sherpas, who know the best strategy to complete Flawless Trials quickly & efficiently.

Our carry services are the best way to get the best Trials rewards while learning the latest PvP tactics.

Why should you choose Trials Carries?

Below you can find a couple of reasons why you should buy a Trials carry service:

  • • You learn PvP strategies from Pro players to improve your skills.
  • • You get Flawless Trials rewards while having fun.
  • • You don't have to share your account info.
  • • You improve your self-esteem.
  • • You want to join a proficient PvP team.

Our Most Popular Trials of Osiris Carry Services:

  • • Flawless Trials Carries.
  • • Trials Round Wins.
  • • Trials Rank Carry.
  • • Flawless Trials Subscription.

Our Trials of Osiris Carry services are an excellent alternative to the conventional boost. You should consider purchasing this service if you have enough time to play and learn amazing tricks from our pro sherpas.

Destiny 2 Trials Boosting Services

Our Trials of Osiris Boosting services are designed to help you complete the most challenging PvP activities in Destiny 2 effortlessly.

Best Trials Boosting Services:

Choosing a Trials Boost gets a proficient booster on your account to complete your desired service lightning-fast. We offer various Trials services such as:

  • • Flawless Trials Boost.
  • • Trials Weapons farming service.
  • • Flawless Title.
  • • Trials Armor Set Boost.
  • • Trials Cosmetics.

Reasons to buy Trials of Osiris Boost:

We made a selection of reasons you should consider when you decide to buy any of our Trials boosting services:

  • You don't mind sharing your account for a limited time.
  • You don't have enough PvP skill to get Flawless & earn the desired rewards.
  • You are looking for a fast service that doesn't require effort.
  • Boosting services are cheaper than carries.

Your account is 100% safe when buying a Trials of Osiris boost. Managers regularly check the progress & only allow professional PvP boosters to work on Trials orders. We have provided boosting services since 2013, so our experience speaks for itself.

Trials Weapons Recovery

We designed our Trials weapons recovery services to help you get a proficient PvP booster on your account to complete Flawless Trials and farm your desired guns.

We 100% guarantee that you will receive the desired number of rolls or even the god roll as quickly as possible, depending on RNG.

Best Trials of Osiris Weapons

We researched and made a selection of the most potent weapons you can earn by completing Flawless Trials:

  • • Exalted Truth Hand Cannon.
  • • Unwavering Duty Machine Gun.
  • • Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle.
  • • The Inquisitor Shotgun.

Our Trials weapon recoveries are the best way to get any weapon without grinding yourself. We can get as many weapon rolls as you want or even a god roll of choice quickly & effortlessly.

Trials of Osiris Armor

Trials of Osiris Armor is called Atavistic Idol and includes 5 pieces for each class, Hunter, Titan & Warlock. Choosing our Trials armor boost gets you all pieces for any character fast & effortlessly.

At KBoosting, we work with professional Destiny 2 players who know the best tactics to win Trials rounds and get all the armor set pieces for you lightning-fast.

What does the Trials complete set include?

A complete Trials of Osiris armor set has five pieces, one for each slot:

  • • Head (Helmet, Mask, or Hood).
  • • Arms (Gauntlets, Grasps, or Gloves).
  • • Chest (Plate, Vest, or Vestments).
  • • Legs (Greaves, Strides, or Boots).
  • • Class Item (Mark, Cloak, or Bond).

Purchasing the Trials armor boost from us gets you all the glorious pieces, so your guardian will look fantastic and prove that you are a tremendous PvP player.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you find in the Trials of Osiris carry & recovery section?
In this section you can buy Flawless Trials carry and Trials recovery services, tokens farming, weekly subscriptions for long term commitments etc . We cover everything related to this special PvP game mode.
Are there any gear or level requirements for Trials of Osiris recovery services?
Our proffessional boosters will go flawless without any gear requirements but regarding the level requirement you should be above 1040 Power without artifact bonus.
What rewards can you get from Trials of Osiris?
You will get multiple powerful weapon rewards, pinnacle weapon reward and pinnacle armor reward, an emblem, and Trials specific weapons and armors.
When can i buy Trials Carry Services?
As previously stated, this is a time-gated event, it starts every Friday after reset and continues through the whole weekend untill the daily reset on Monday. When you buy Trials recoveries from us, please make sure that your account is available for the boost over the weekend. When you place the order, the manager will let you know when the boost can be taken care of, depending on our previous schedules.
How do you deliver the recoveries?
We offer Trials carries only as piloted mode, with account sharing (recovery). One of our professional boosters is going to log into your account, complete the flawless trials run together with his other teammates and pass the account back after the boost is complete.
Is it safe to buy Trials carries?
Absolutely. Just like any other service provided by KBoosting, Trials of Osiris carry service is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots. All the services offered by us are 100% safe.