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Our Destiny 2 – Festival of the Lost boosting is a service that gets you all Triumphs completed, the limited-edition Sparrow, and the New Exclusive Weapons fast & effortlessly! Our professional Boosters are ready to help you farm Haunted Lost Sectors, Candies, and Manifested Pages 24/7.
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Festival of the Lost Boosting Services

Festival of the Lost boosting is a process that gets a professional Destiny 2 player to complete Halloween challenges and get all the exclusive rewards for you.

Here at KBoosting, we offer various services, and you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Festival of the Lost Event Rewards:

  • • Ghost Writer Title
  • • Spooky Armor Sets
  • • Masks
  • • Exclusive Weapons from Haunted Lost Sectors

Our professional boosting team is ready to farm Festival of the Lost event activities to get your desired number of Candies, Event Tickets & Event Cards.

We will ensure you get all the exclusive Halloween weapons, glowing effects, and masks.

Destiny 2 Halloween Event Services

The Halloween event in Destiny 2 is called Festival of the Lost and comes with exclusive rewards. The weapons added in the 2022 Halloween event are spectacular, so the grind is worth it.

If you don't have enough time to play during the event, our boosters can run any number of Haunted Lost Sectors to get your desired weapons.

Halloween Event Exclusive Weapons:

  • • Mechabre sniper rifle
  • • Horror Story auto rifle
  • • BrayTech Werewolf auto rifle
  • • Jurassic Green pulse rifle

Our Halloween event boosting services are the best way to get all the Festival of the Lost Weapons fast & efficiently and save a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Festival of the Lost last?
The Festival of the Lost lasts 22 days (18 October - 2 November). Take advantage of our Halloween event boosting services to get all the exclusive rewards until it ends.
How do you get the Festival of the Lost armor?
You can find the Festival of the Lost armor set in the event store. You can purchase the armor sets for Silver or Bright Dust. These currencies can be earned from season pass & seasonal challenges.
Do you need season pass for Festival of the Lost?
No. The Halloween event is free for all Destiny 2 players in 2022.
How are Festival of the Lost services performed?
When it comes to delivery, there are 2 methods: self played (carry) or piloted (recovery). So if you choose a carry service, you opt for the self played mode, you will play together with our boosters and will control your own account for the whole duration of the boost. When you opt for the piloted mode, you choose a recovery service, which means that you will share with the booster your account’s credentials and the booster will take care of your guardian and handle the requested boost directly on your account.
What are the benefits of choosing Halloween event services?
The Festival of the Lost is a limited-time event which offers various exclusive rewards, so choosing our boosting services guarantees that you won't miss any of them. Our professional Destiny 2 players are available 24/7 during the event.