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Here you can buy Weapon Patterns & Crafting Unlock Boosting Services for your favourite Destiny 2 Resonance Guns. Our boosting team will farm any activity in the game over and over until we get you the desired item, even if it is hard to get a Deepsight Weapon, we won't stop. Your order will be 100% Completed, whatever it takes!
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Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting & Pattern Unlock Services

We designed our Crafting & Pattern boosting services to help customers unlock any Deepsight Resonance weapon in Destiny 2.

We work with proficient boosters who know all the tricks and best tactics to get the desired Pattern Unlocked and level up your weapon to 20.

We have completed hundreds of Pattern & Crafting orders, so our experience speaks for itself.

How Does a Pattern Service Unlock Work?

There are a few steps we must follow while completing a Deepsight service, such as:

  • • We assign an experienced booster.
  • • The booster logs into your account (he must follow our security protocol)
  • • The booster repeatedly farms the activity until he gets your desired Pattern to unlock the final variant of your Crafted Weapon.
  • • One of our managers checks the order to ensure your requirements are followed.
  • • You receive an email & notification to log back in.
  • • You can now change your password and enjoy your Crafted weapon.

The Crafting & Pattern unlock process is straightforward. The booster must farm the required number of Red-Bordered weapons over and over until he gets all of them.

While the gun is craftable, you must already have the God Roll in your inventory so he can shape it and level it up until he unlocks your desired perks & reshapes it into the final version of the desired Deepsight Resonance Weapon.

When you order a Weapon Pattern Unlock from us, we 100% guarantee that you will receive the desired gun configuration regardless of the necessary grind & time consumption.

How does Weapon Crafting work in D2?

In Destiny 2, an Unlocked Pattern Weapon means a weapon with the best perks configuration, at least for an activity, whether PvE or PvP. A Crafted Weapon has the best trait configuration for all columns.

Pattern & Crafting boosting services are available only in Piloted mode (recovery) due to the difficulty of this type of service.

How to Get a Pattern Unlocked Weapon?

Obtaining a Crafted Weapon is a grindy & time-consuming process but a straightforward process.

  • • Obtain a red-bordered (Deepsight Resonance) version of the desired weapon. This can be through raid encounters, specific activities, or random drops.
  • • Collect 5 Deepsight copies of the weapon. Run activities with the weapon equipped or focus on drops from its source.
  • • Visit the Relic in The Enclave (Savathun's Throne World).
  • • Choose "Shape Weapon" and select the weapon category.
  • • Pick a frame and its desired perks.
  • • (Optional) Choose a Memento for cosmetic customization.
  • • Pay the crafting cost with Glimmer, Ascendant Alloy, and Enhancement Prisms.

Deepsight Resonance crafted weapons offer a decisive advantage: four trait slots! Two of these slots are Enhanced Traits, allowing you to elevate your weapon significantly and tailor it to your playstyle for mastery in Raids, Dungeons, or Crucible matches.

The easiest way to get a Pattern Weapon is to purchase an unlock service and let the pro players grind for you.

Our proficient boosters are ready to help you get any Deepsight Weapon lightning-fast, regardless of the required farming method.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Resonant Weapon in Destiny 2?
Deepsight Resonance Weapons are a new kind of weapon dropped in Destiny 2. These weapons have a red outline around their box, and you need these to craft your desired powerful Pattern Weapon. Only craftable weapons will drop with Deepsight Resonance to unlock Patterns.
What are Pattern Weapons in Destiny 2?
In Destiny 2, Patterns are the required materials used to craft the weapon itself. Every gun needs a maximum of 5 Deepsight Resonance to achieve successful crafting. Others may have a lower need for patterns like 3, 2, or even 1 when we refer to exotics.
How to craft a Pattern Weapon in Destiny 2?
To craft a Pattern Weapon in Destiny 2, you must have the red-bordered version by itself and then find and collect its copies. As a next step, visit the Relic, choose your desired frame & perks (optionally add a Memento for transmogrification), and pay with an amount of Glimmer, Resonant, Ascendant, Harmonic Alloys & Enchanted Prisms.
Can you craft any Pattern Weapon in Destiny 2?
At KBoosting, the Crafting & Patterns boosting service helps you get any Resonant Weapon on your account effortlessly. Our professional boosters have completed hundreds of Patterns Unlock Weapon orders so they know all the tricks to quickly help you get the desired outcome.
How long does a Pattern Unlock service take?
We do our best to deliver the Pattern & Crafting Unlock boost as fast as possible, but some services take a lot of time to complete. RNG makes it impossible to determine exactly how long a service will take to complete but it can vary between a couple of hours and, sometimes, even a week.
When do you start farming for my item?
Usually we start a couple minutes after the order is placed and the payment is processed. There are couple exceptions though when we might be overloaded, when the request on services is very high, such as new season or raid launches. Even if we can’t start working on your order right away, before purchasing, the manager will let you know when your Destiny 2 service can be delivered.
Are your D2 farming services safe?
Absolutely. Every boosting service provided by KBoosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots. All the services offered by us are 100% safe.
What platform can your team deliver the on?
Our Destiny 2 services are available on all platforms: PC, Play Station, and Xbox.