Gilded Titles (Seals)

Remember that Gilded Titles (Seals) are available only if you own the Original Title. For example if you want the Gilded Conqueror Title you must have the Base Conqueror Title already unlocked. If you need help to complete any Seal or Triumph check our Destiny 2 Titles Section.


Here you can buy any Destiny 2 Gilded Title, a recovery service which 100% guarantees the completion of any Gilded Seal or Triumphs.

The new Gilded Titles were introduced in Destiny 2 with the Season of the Chosen and are a temporary upgrade for the Base Titles. In other words, they:

  • Transform the Color or your title into orange
  • Change the Symbol for the title
  • Can be worn just during the Season when they are introduced.

The Gilded Titles available for the Season of the Chosen are:

  • Flawless Gilded Title
  • Conqueror Gilded Title
  • Dreadgen Gilded Title
  • Unbroken Gilded Title

This Destiny 2 boosting service is available for recovery mode only, with account sharing. So one booster will have to log into your account and complete the Triumphs to unlock your Gilded Title (Seal). For extra security, if needed, we can also use VPN of your country.

At KBoosting you can buy Gilded Titles or Triumphs on all platforms: PC, Play Station or XBOX.


ETA⌛ for this service is variable depending on which triumphs have to be completed. Please contact us to get an estimate ETA⌛ for your order.

We guarantee that the boost will be done by hand without the use of any hacks or bots, 100% safe and risk free.

The booster will save all the gear drops on your account and you will decide which ones to save and which to dismantle.


  • In order to be eligible for this boosting service, you must own Beyond Light expansion and the Season of the Chosen on your Destiny 2 account.
  • Remeber that the gilded seals are just upgrades to the base seals, so in order to get a gilded seal you must own the normal version. If you need any base title check our Destiny 2 Seals & Triumphs Section
  • As this service requires account sharing, you will need to pass us your account’s credentials, DISABLE STEAM GUARD and don’t log the account untill the job is done. On Play Station and Xbox, disabling the 2-step-verification login protection will help ease up the process for both you and our booster (you won't need to give us the login code from phone or e-mail).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Destiny 2 Gilded Titles (Seals)?
Gilded titles temporary seasonal skin or upgrade for a title (they go away after one season). Once you "gild" a title it will become Orange and it will get a new symbol.
How do you get a gilded title?
In order to unlock the gilded variant of a title you must own the Original Title and complete a new set of Triumphs for the gilded variant.
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