Destiny 2 Powerful Account

This Account can be played on any platform with Cross-Save. Please make sure you link the correct Xbox or PSN id to the account.
If by mistake, you link another account, when you Unlink the accounts there will be a 90 days cooldown untill you can link again so make sure you link the correct Xbox or PSN id and DO NOT DISABLE Cross Save. We will assist you for free when linking the new account to your Xbox or Play Station.


Here you can buy Destiny 2 account, containing 3 characters (Titan, Warlock, Hunter) with power 1310 (1300 + 10 bonus power from seasonal artefact).

There are alot of items saved in vault, in case you ever want to try new builds or make some changes to the current ones.

The boosting process for the account is handmade, without the usage of any 3rd party software that could ever harm the license in any way: exploits, hacks, aimbots etc. All of the premade accounts that we sell are being prepared manually by our own boosters, so everything is 100% safe.

When you buy Destiny 2 accounts at Kboosting, you are looking at an INSTANT DELIVERY: upon purchase, you get account credentials automatically sent to your e-mail (The info will be sent to the e-mail you use for checkout).


Kboosting is the first and only owner of the game license, which is purchased legitimately from Steam. There are absolutely zero risks of account recall!

When you buy Destiny 2 accounts from us, you purchase a premade Steam on PC platform, specially prepared for sale, and ready to do Cross Save to: Xbox and Play Station.

Once purchased, you gain access to the account's original e-mail and password, so you will be in full control of the account. You have the freedom to customize the Steam Account and character further more, change the login information, looks of the character, nickname etc.


The account has all the available Expansions: Forsaken, Shadowkeep and the newly released Beyond Light with the season pass included for the actual Season Of The Chosen.

As previously stated, when you buy D2 accounts from us, we GUARANTEE the delivery of 3 characters prepared for endgame with 1310 Power. This particular account has the follwing Exotic Weapons:

  • No-Time-To-Explain exotic Pulse Rifle
  • Riskrunner exotic SMG
  • Ticuu's Divination exotic Bow
  • Hard Light exotic Auto Rifle
  • Vigilance Wing exotic Pulse Rifle
  • The Lament exotic Sword
  • Telesto exotic Fusion Rifle
  • D.A.R.C.I exotic Sniper
  • Graviton Lance exotic Pulse Rifle
  • Prometheus Lens exotic Trace Rifle
  • The Prospector exotic Grenade Launcher
  • Dead Man's Tale exotic Scout Rifle
  • Jade Rabbit exotic Scout Rifle
  • Borealis exotic Sniper
  • Tractor Cannon exotic Shotgun
  • Crimson exotic Hand Cannon
  • Telesto exotic Hand Cannon


  • Sunbracers gloves.
  • Mechaneer's Tricksleeves gloves.
  • Young Ahamkhara's Spine gloves.
  • Armamentarium chest.
  • Lucky Raspberry chest.
  • Lion Rampant legs
  • Dunemarchers legs
  • FR0ST-EE5 legs
  • ST0MP-EE5 legs

We have also done a complete Deep Stone Crypt Raid Run and got the following loot:

  • Bequest sword.
  • Succesion sniper rifle.
  • Trustee scout rifle.
  • Heritage shotgun.
  • Commemoration machine gun.
  • Crypt Reawakened legendary raid emblem.


  • Internet access
  • PC that meets the game's minimum requirements

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