Root of Nightmares Boosting & Carry

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Boosting & Carry are services provided by pro Destiny 2 players, helping you quickly achieve any RoN Raid goals. Our boosters have vast raiding experience from past seasons. If you choose a RoN recovery (Piloted), our booster logs into your account to complete the Raid. If you prefer carries (Self-Play), you can join our Sherpa team to run the Raid together. We offer various Root of Nightmares recovery & carry services, such as Raid runs, Boss kills, Weapon farming, Armor sets, and more.
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Our Root of Nightmares boosting services get a pro Destiny 2 player on your account to complete the raid & get valuable loot fast & efficiently. This service type is the quickest way to finish the Lightfall raid.

Why should you buy a RoN Raid boost?

Root of Nightmares boosting is also known as a recovery service. We made a list of reasons why you should consider buying a RoN boost:

  • • You are busy and don't want to spend time grinding.
  • • We provide safe services, working with the best Destiny 2 players.
  • • You get all the raid weapons effortlessly.
  • Boosting is cheaper than carries.
  • • You don't mind sharing your account for a limited time.
  • • All our boosters signed an agreement to respect Bungie's policy and never use any hack, cheating method, or 3rd party software.

Our boosters are experienced players who have played Destiny 2 since its release and are always ready to complete Root of Nightmares from day 1.

Our managers ensure they assign recoveries to trustworthy boosters, and your account is 100% safe with KBoosting. Our raiding team is always ready to run new raids right after release.


The Root of Nightmares Carry service gets you a team of professional Destiny 2 Sherpas to help you complete the raid lightning-fast. You will have fun learning the best strategies & raid mechanics from the best D2 boosters.

Unlike boosting, the RoN Carries get you a professional fireteam to help you complete all raid encounters while you control your account.

Reasons to buy a Root of Nightmares Carry:

  • You don't have to share your account credentials.
  • Professional D2 players will teach you all their tricks.
  • You have enough time to play alongside our team.
  • Your raid team is not ready yet.
  • You want to have fun while achieving your goals.
  • • We only work with verified D2 boosters that spent thousands of hours in the game.
  • • Managers are available 24/7 for customer support and guidance.

A Root of Nightmares Carry is the safest option that you can choose. You will get unique rewards while learning raid mechanics and playing alongside our pros.

Whether you choose a Root of Nightmares Boosting or a Carry service, our team is ready from the 1st hour after release, so they learn all the encounters to work on your order fast & efficiently.


Our Root of Nightmares Weapons boosting services get you the desired number of rolls for any raid weapon available. We also offer Crafted enhanced god rolls with desired perks and traits.

In the list below, you can find all the Root of Nightmares Raid-exclusive weapons:

  • • Conditional Finality Exotic Shotgun.
  • • Rufus's Fury Legendary Auto Rifle.
  • • Mykel's Reverence Legendary Sidearm.
  • • Nessa's Oblation Legendary Shotgun.
  • • Acasia's Dejection Legendary Trace Rifle.
  • • Briar's Contemp Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle.
  • • Koraxis's Distress Legendary Grenade Launcher.

Our skillful boosters will repeatedly run the Root of Nightmares raid until we get your desired rolls for any chosen weapon.


We designed our Root of Nightmares Armor service to help you obtain all the set pieces for your desired guardian in a blink of an eye. When you buy an armor service from us, we guarantee you will get the selected armor/set pieces in your collection.

All Root of Nightmares Armor Sets

The armor sets look awesome for all classes. The armor pieces available for each guardian class are:

  • Titan: Agony - Helm, Gauntlets, Plate, Greaves & Mark.
  • Hunter: Trepidation - Mask, Grips, Vest, Boots & Cloak.
  • Warlock: Detestation - Mask, Wraps, Robes, Boots & Bond.

Our Professional Boosters know all the tricks to efficiently farm RoN raid and get your desired armor pieces or the entire set.