Season Pass Leveling Boost

Self Play
This service can only be delivered in piloted mode because it requires a considerable time investment or a skill set unavailable for most customers.
We have completed thousands of orders using the piloted mode and never faced any bans or suspensions, so we can confidently say that is very safe to use even though giving us your login information may seem a bit scary.
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Our Season pass leveling boost is a service that will help your guardian get all the amazing rewards from the season pass tracker, like the new seasonal exotic Red Death Reformed, seasonal weapons & armor, cosmetics, bright dust and more.

With the release of the Final Shape expansion, Destiny 2 is now split into 3 acts, first act being available right now, and the other 2 unlocking later during the year. For now, only 100 season pass levels and their rewards are available in the game.


As for delivery, this service is available in piloted mode only (account sharing). We will get a pro booster to log into your account and achieve your desired season pass leveling boost. When it's complete, you will get an e-mail and notification.


Service ETA is variabile, depending on the number of levels chosen starting from when we begin your order (typically 3-6 hours). Your service setup will modify the ETA and price accordingly.


  • Normal: the standard delivery speed
  • Express: 30% increased delivery speed
  • Super Express: 60% increased delivery speed


  • Red Death Reformed exotic guaranteed.
  • Echo & Exotic engrams for focusing.
  • Exotic Cyphers guaranteed.
  • Seasonal armor set & ornaments for your guardian.
  • Upgrade materials (Cores, Prisms and Ascendant Shards) for your character.
  • Guaranteed amounts of Glimmer.
  • Seasonal weapons at certain ranks.
  • Certain amounts of bright dust.
  • Materials and Currencies might drop during the service.
  • XP for your artifact.


  • Access to the Final Shape expansion.
  • The power level of your guardian must be a minimum of 1960. If you are not 1960+, you can buy a power level boost.

Please feel free to contact us on live chat or the Discord server for more information on our season pass boosting service. We are here for you 24/7!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy Season Pass XP farming sevices?
Absolutely. All the services we provide are 100% safe. Every Destiny 2 service provided by KBoosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots or XP glitches.
Can I buy Destiny 2 Season Pass leveling services for console?
Sure thing ! You can buy Season Pass level boost on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.
How can the Destiny 2 Season Pass boost be delivered?
You can buy Season Pass XP farming services only as a piloted type of service, with account sharing. One booster is going to log into your account and pass the account back after we reach the desired Season Pass rank.
How long does it take to get to Season Pass rank 100?
Reaching the maximum level, Season Pass rank 100, depends on your current Season Rank and how many levels are left to be achieved. Our professional team of boosters will take your guardian to maximum season pass rank, safe and fast.
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