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We specially designed our Destiny 2 boosting services for The Witch Queen expansion to help you get all the new Exotics, Armor sets, and legendary weapons Bungie adds. Also, our team is ready to carry you through the Witch Queen Raid to help you get unique items and unlock all the new features fast & effortlessly!
Fast & Easy Boosting Steps
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    Browse the website

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    Take a look at our wide selection of offers and choose the desired service from our store.

  • STEP 2

    Consult with us

    STEP 2

    Share your thoughts with us, let us know what service would be needed and consult with our professional team.

  • STEP 3

    Order the service

    STEP 3

    We are here to make sure its the right decision. Together we choose the best service for your character.

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    Once payment and final details are taken care of, a booster gets assigned and starts working on your order.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Boosting

The Witch Queen boosting means getting professional help from a Destiny 2 booster. You will get any weapon, gear piece, resource, or raid completion fast and effortlessly, and you don't have to spend hundreds of hours grinding by yourself.

There are two types of services we can offer:

  • • Recoveries – piloted services that will get a pro booster on your account to grind and get your desired loot.
  • • Carries – self-played services that will get you a professional team to help you complete any raid or activity available in the game.

We know your time is valuable so we will do all the hard work. You can enjoy the new awesome loot Bungie adds and have fun.

We love to see our customers satisfied. That's why we look forward provide High-Quality services in a safe environment, so you'll have the best experience at KBoosting.

Witch Queen Carries vs Recovery Services

As you already know, we can offer two types of services, Carries and Recoveries. The similarity between these two service types is that you will get what you wish, no matter how difficult it may be. There are a couple of differences between these options:

  • • If you choose a carry service, you'll play alongside our team.
  • • If you go for recovery, a booster will play for you.
  • • Destiny 2 Carries are challenging and may require more than one booster.
  • • PvP Recovery is risky if you use forums, discord groups, or obscure marketplaces.
  • • Destiny 2 PvE Recovery and all types of Carries services are 100% Safe.
  • • Carries may be a little more expensive and may take longer.

We guarantee that both service types are 100% safe. Choosing Witch Queen carries you will have fun and learn new tricks. On the other hand, if you go for Witch Queen recovery, you will save more time, and when you come back, you will have the account ready for End-Game.

Our Destiny 2 Boosters

The Destiny 2 Boosters are professional players that spend thousands of hours learning the game from cover to cover.

They share their incredible skills and knowledge to ease your journey through the Witch Queen expansion.

You no longer have to look for Destiny 2 boosters on forums or other obscure places. We selected the best Destiny 2 players and only work with trustworthy professionals that have proven themselves over time.

All our Destiny 2 boosters signed an agreement, and they are not allowed to use any 3rd party software that may affect our customer's accounts.

They will respect Bungie's policy, and you won't have to take any risks.

The boosters schedule their tasks to not interfere with your playtime. They always use VPN and provide daily reports of their work so our managers can keep you updated with the progress.

Our managers intermediate the boosting process, so you don't have to worry about your account's safety.

The Best Witch Queen Exotics Recovery Services

Bungie always updates Destiny 2 content and outstanding Exotics. At KBoosting, we do our best to keep up with them and update our services to provide the new weapons & armor pieces as soon as they are released. The Witch Queen expansion brings impressive loot to Destiny 2, and our boosters are ready to beat the new content and learn all the tricks from day one.

We did the research and designed a list of the best Exotic gear available in the new Witch Queen expansion:

  • • Grand Overture Machine Gun
  • • Parasite Grenade Launcher
  • • Osteo Striga SMG
  • • Edge of Action, Edge of Intent & Edge of Concurrence Exotic Glaives
  • • Grand Overture Chest for Titans
  • • Osmiomancy Gloves for Warlocks
  • • Blight Ranger Helmet for Hunters

Another fantastic addition that Bungie added in the Witch Queen expansion is the Weapon Crafting System, and hunters are now able to forge their unique masterwork weapons.

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