Memento Backpack Farm


Here you can buy Memento exotic farm boost, a service which guarantees the delivery of this amazing backpack on your account.

The Memento exotic backpack was introduced in Title Update 11 and could be acquired mainly from reaching rank 90 in Season 3 as a reward from the Season Pass, but as well as in backpack targeted loot areas or exotic cache rewards, once the item was unlocked from the season track.

When you buy guaranteed Memento from us, we will efficiently farm backpack targeted areas in a full 4 man team with loot sharing, to maximize the odds of getting the item as fast as possible.

As for delivery, it usually takes us 24-48 hours for Memento boost completion.

This service is available for piloted mode only, with account sharing. So one booster will have to log into your account and once we get the item on your account, you can log back in. For extra security, if needed, we can also use VPN of your country.

You can now buy Memento backpack farming services on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.


This is one of the most wanted items in the Division 2 game and one of the best backpacks the game has to offer.

When you buy Memento from us, we GUARANTEE the delivery of this amazing backpack on your account.

What makes the item so great is the unique perk that it comes with:

    Kills Confirmed = Enemies you kill drop a trophy on death. Collecting trophies provides both a short and long term buff, the first of which scales with the number of core attributes equipped, and lasts 10s.
  • RED CORE: +5% Weapon Damage
  • BLUE CORE: +20% Bonus Armor
  • YELLOW CORE: +5% Skill Efficiency
  • For every trophy collected, gain an additional +1% weapon damage, +1% skill efficiency and +0.1% armor regeneration for 300s. Maximum 30 stacks.


In order to be eligible for this service, your character must be level 40 and have Warlords of New York story completed.

If your character doesn’t meet these requirements, you must purchase, by case, one of the POWER LEVELING SERVICES we offer.

When you purchase this service, you will have to pass us the Uplay account’s credentials, remove the 2FA authenticator (if active) and don’t log the account untill the boost is complete.

We take all these measures in order to provide a safe boost, without any IP conflicts or kicking out the booster while preparing your character.

If by any chance you want to log into the account while it’s getting boosted, please contact the manager in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy Memento backpack farming service?
Absolutely. Every service provided by KBoosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, aimbots or XP glitches. All the services we provide are 100% safe.
What platforms can the Division 2 Memento exotic backpack be delivered on?
Now you can buy guaranteed Memento backpack on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.
How can this Division 2 exotic armor be delivered?
You can buy Memento boost only as a piloted type of service, with account sharing. One booster is going to log into your account and pass the account back after job is done and the item is saved on your character.
How long does it take to deliver the guaranteed Memento backpack?
It usually takes us 24-48 hours for Memento exotic boost completion.
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