Pristine Example Chest (Guaranteed)


Here you can buy Pristine Example farm boost, a service which guarantees the delivery of the amazing Division 2 Airaldi Holdings named vest on your account.

Used in every top DPS build in the game that uses Scopes with 8x magnification or higher, whether it is rifle builds or assault rifle builds, the Pristine Example Chest is one of the best named items in the game, due to its perfect talent that it comes with; The Airaldi named armor (Pristine Example) always drops with the unique PERFECT FOCUS talent, which increases your damage output by a lot!

When you buy Pristine Example from us, we will efficiently farm Airaldi Holdings brand set targeted areas while in a full 4 man team with loot sharing, to maximize the odds of getting the named chest as fast as possible.

This service is available for piloted mode only, with account sharing. So one booster will have to log into your account and once we get this Airaldi Named item on your account, you can log back in. For extra security, if needed, we can also use VPN of your country.

You can now buy Pristine Example Chest farming service on all platforms: PC, PS, XBOX.


ETA⌛ for this service is between 12 and 48 hours depending on RNG.

This is one of the most wanted items in the Division 2 universe and one of the best named items the game has to offer.

Pristine Example, the Airaldi Named Chest, fits in every top DPS build that uses scopes with 8x or higher, specially rifle builds and assault rifle builds. Paired with backpack talents such as Vigilance or Composure, the damage output that it provides is amazing!

What makes the item so great is the unique talent that it comes with:

  • PERFECT FOCUS = Increases total weapon damage by 6% every second you are aiming while scoped 8x or higher, up to 60%. Requires a Scope with 8x magnification or higher.

When you buy Pristine Example from us, we GUARANTEE the delivery of this amazing named item on your account.


In order to be eligible for this service, your character must be level 40 and have Warlords of New York story completed. If your character doesn’t meet these requirements, you must purchase, by case, one of the POWER LEVELING SERVICES we offer.

As this service requires account sharing, you will need to pass us your account’s credentials and DISABLE 2FA for your Ubisoft Connect App (on PC). For Play Station and Xbox, disabling the 2-Step-Verification login protection will help ease up the process for both you and our booster (you won't need to give us the login code from Phone or E-mail).

If by any chance you want to log into the account while it’s getting boosted, please contact the manager in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Division 2 Pristine Example Chest?
The fastest way to get Pristine Example for the Perfect Focus talent is to farm Airaldi brand set targeted loot areas in a full team, with loot sharing.
Can i buy Pristine Example Vest in Division 2?
Yes, at KBoosting you can buy Pristine Example farm boost, a service which GUARANTEES the delivery of the Airaldi named chest on your account.
What stats does Pristine Example drop with?
This Division 2 named item always drops with weapon damage as a core attribute and PERFECT FOCUS unique talent. Beside that, the other 2 attributes come as random rolls.
Best Pristine Example stats?
In The Division 2, the best Pristine Example stats for your build would be crit chance + crit damage, as you would normally go for a pure DPS build with red attributes only.
Best builds for Pristine Example Chest?
The Airaldi named chest fits perfectly in any build that uses 8x scopes or higher, such as rifle builds and assault rifle builds.
Best backpack talents for Perfect Focus?
While using Pristine Example for the Perfect Focus talent, your best backpack talents to pair it with would be: Vigilance and Composure.
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