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To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Bungie released an update for Destiny 2. Besides the anniversary purpose, this update is meant to balance the game and get it ready for the new expansion, the Witch Queen, but also brings some new stuff to grind for until the expansion launches. The new content features a new dungeon in Cosmodrome caves and the Return of the Gjallarhorn quest. Our team is prepared to help you get all the new loot super-fast and cheap.
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For their 30th anniversary, Bungie prepared an update for Destiny 2 that will add a new dungeon and some awesome rewards to grind for until the next annual expansion.

We prepared a list of the 30th anniversary new loot that is included in this update:

  • Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher.
  • Gjallarhorn Catalyst.
  • Grasp of Avarice - Loot Cave Dungeon.
  • Myth Claymore sword.
  • Gjallarwing sparrow.
  • • 30th anniversary Ghost Shell.
  • Eyasluna legendary hand cannon.
  • 1000 Yard Stare legendary sniper rifle.
  • • Bungie streetwear armor.
  • Marathon armor.
  • Thorn armor set.

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The 30th anniversary patch that comes with the new update is specially designed to balance the entire game, solve the bugs and significantly improve the overall gaming experience.

Bungie changed the way ability cooldowns work, they buffed the exotics such as Vex Mythoclast, fixed the Perks that weren't performing well, and other amazing changes.

The 30th anniversary balancing patch adds new content and changes such as:

  • Big exotics improvements.
  • • The cooldowns will be significantly slower in PvE and PvP.
  • • Gun damage will grant more ability regen.
  • • Grenades will be more powerful in PvE but fewer.
  • • Ability regen for exotics and armor mods will be changed.
  • • Super cooldown tiers.
  • • Many abilities will be nerfed.

There are too many improvements that Bungie added to this patch, especially to the weapons. We couldn't include everything here but if you would like to see a more extensive guide about the balancing patch, you can visit Bungie's official website and read this Article.