Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout - Presage Mission


Here you can buy the Dead Man's Tale exotic scout rifle. You can also opt for Presage Mission runs or trimphs related to the mission.

This Destiny 2 boosting service is available for recovery mode only, with account sharing. So one booster will have to log into your account and complete the service. For extra security, if needed, we can also use VPN of your country.

The Intrinsic Perk for the Dead Man's Tale is Cranial Spike: Chaining precision hits grants bonus damage and quickens reload speed.

Simmilar to Harbinger mission, the Presage mission will drop a random roll the Dead Man's Tale once a week per account meaning you won't be able to farm it over and over again.

The God Roll for PvP is Snapshot Sights while for PvE you would preffer Four Times The Charm.

At KBoosting you can buy the Dead Man's Tale or Presage Mission completion service or related Triumphs on all platforms: PC, Play Station and XBOX.


ETA⌛ for this service is 1-3 days depending on how you configure your recovery.

We guarantee that the service will be done by hand without the use of any hacks or bots, 100% safe and risk free.

The power level of the loot directly depends on your current power level. This service doesn't guarantee any specific roll as it's pure RNG.

The booster will save all the loot on your account and you will decide what to save and what to salvage when the service is finished.


  • In order to be eligible for this boosting service, you must own Beyond Light expansion on your Destiny 2 account and your guardian's Power Level must be at least 1250 Light. If your character doesn’t meet the requirement you must purchase the POWER BOOST from our store.
  • To unlock the Triumphs related to the Presage Mission you must first complete the Sights I've Seen Triumph (Exotic Quest Completion). In other words you must already own the Dead Man's Tale.
  • As this service requires account sharing, you will need to pass us your account’s credentials, DISABLE STEAM GUARD and don’t log the account untill the job is done. On Play Station and Xbox, disabling the 2-step-verification login protection will help ease up the process for both you and our booster (you won't need to give us the login code from phone or e-mail).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the God Roll Dead Man's Tale?
The god roll for PvP is Snapshot Sights and for PvE you would want Four Times The Charm or Vorpal Weapon.
How can i get the Dead Man's Tale?
The Tex Mechanica Scout rifle drops guaranteed for you first completion of the Presage mission.
How can i farm for Dead Man's Tale random rolls?
You can only get one random roll each week per account. This is a guaranteed drop for the Presage mission.
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