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Our Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph boosting services will make your journey into the new season easier and more enjoyable. The Season of the Seraph takes Guardians on a Warmind adventure trying to stop the Hive God to take over Rasputin's Weaponry. Season 19 also includes the new Spire of the Watcher Dungeon. Of course, the power level will be increased with 10 light.
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Season of the Seraph Boosting Services

We designed our Season of the Seraph boosting services to help you get all the new weapons, armor sets and unique reqards in the quickest & most efficient way.

At KBoosting, we work with verified boosters who signed a contract and proven their skill & experience over time.

Our Most Popular SoS Services:

We made a list of our best services, based on our customers choices:

  • • Legendary weapons farming
  • • Seasonal Exotic + Catalyst
  • • Spire of the Watcher Dungeon runs
  • • Power Leveling service
  • • Flawless Trials carries

Our managers regularly update all services and check orders progress to ensure that boosters follow our guidelines and offer the best work quality for all Season of the Seraph boosting services available on our website.

Season of the Seraph Carries vs Recovery

Our Season of the Seraph boosting services are available in two delivery modes:

  • Recovery (piloted) – our booster will log into your account and complete the service.
  • Carry (self-play) – a WoW boosters team will carry you through the chosen activity.

Differences between recovery services & carries:

  • • Carry services don't require account sharing
  • • Recovery services are cheaper.
  • • Carry services take longer than the conventional boost.
  • • Recovery services save a lot of time for you.
  • • A carry service is more complicated. It requires a coordinated team of boosters.
  • Recoveries are more popular than Carries.

Our professional boosters have their accounts ready for Season of the Seraph carries and have enough experience to boost your account lightning-fast.

Both delivery modes are 100% safe, so choose the one that fits your needs. We guarantee that you get your desired service completed regardless of the chosen delivery mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2?
Season of the Seraph is the 4th season in The Witch Queen expansion. It features new weapons, armor sets & seasonal activities.
Is Season of the Seraph free?
No. To get access to seasonal content, you must purchase the Season Pass for $10. To take part in the seasonal activities you need the Season Pass on your Destiny 2 account.
What season is Season of the Seraph?
Season of the Seraph is the 19th season in Destiny 2. The story is focused on The Hive God of War trying to seize control of Rasputin's Network of Weaponized satellites.
What are the benefits of choosing Kboosting's Destiny 2 Services?
It’s not a secret that this is an extremely grindy type of game, which can be very exhausting and time consuming so the most important advantage of purchasing a service is the fact that you shorten the time needed to reach those personal goals for your Guardian. When you buy boosting services, you skip all the boring, time consuming grinding and join your friends into end-game activities in no time. On top of that, our consultants are here to make sure you benefit of the best advice and assistance possible, ready to help with links for written guides or video tutorials which will help you improve your Guardian further more.
Do you have the best prices?
When it comes to prices, at KBoosting we have fair prices, which reflect the work and time needed to invest in order to obtain the goal the client goes for. We try to keep our prices as low as possible, and please keep in mind that every Destiny 2 boosting service provided by KBoosting is handmade, without the usage of any illegal 3rd party software, cheats, hacks, etc