Xenophage Exotic

Self Play
This service can only be delivered in piloted mode because it requires a considerable time investment or a skill set unavailable for most customers.
We have completed thousands of orders using the piloted mode and never faced any bans or suspensions, so we can confidently say that is very safe to use even though giving us your login information may seem a bit scary.
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Here you can buy the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun for your D2 character. This is a carry service that helps you acquire the Pit of Heresy Weapon without grinding it by yourself.

At KBoosting, the Xenophage boosting service helps you get the Exotic Machine Gun on your account, so you will not have to grind it yourself.


As for delivery, this service is available in Piloted mode ONLY, with account sharing (recovery), so a booster will have to log into your account and get the Xenophage Exotic for you. When it's complete, you will get an e-mail and notification.


Service ETA is 1 - 2 days, starting from when we begin your order (typically 3-6 hours). Your service setup will modify the ETA and price accordingly.


  • Normal: the standard delivery speed
  • Express: 30% increased delivery speed
  • Super Express: 60% increased delivery speed



  • Platform: from the dropdown, you can select where you want the booster to complete your Xenophage exotic Machine Gun service (PC, Xbox, or Play Station).
  • Configure Service: Choose the options you desire for your service.
  • Delivery Speed: Normal - your order will be placed in the queue and completed when it's your turn. Express - your order will be treated as a high priority, so the first booster to become available will start your order.


  • The Power Level of your guardian must be a minimum of 1945. If you are not 1945+, you can purchase a Power Level Boost.



  • Begin Your Journey: Locate the statues near the Pyramid and interact with them to kick off the Xenophage quest.

  • Illuminate the Anchor: Travel to the Anchor of Light and activate all six plates with light.

  • Conquer Lunar Mysteries: Venture into the four K1 Lost Sectors on the Moon and solve the puzzles awaiting you at the end of each sector.

  • Uncover the Dungeon's Secret: Enter the Pit of Heresy dungeon and seek out the hidden switch.

  • Reveal the Hidden Chamber: Continue exploring the Pit of Heresy and find the hidden orb. Use it to open a secret room.

  • Face the Tempted: Battle against the powerful boss, Volmar, the Tempted, and emerge victorious.

  • Claim Your Prize: Return to Eris Morn to finally claim your Xenophage Exotic weapon.


The Exotic Machine Gun stats are pretty good, but where it shines is Impact: 100, Range: 68, and Stability: 32.

As for perks, the Xenophage comes with the following:

  • Full Bore - Barrel optimized for distance.
  • High-Caliber Rounds - Shots from this weapon knock the target back farther.
  • Rangefinder - Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and zoom magnification. It increased projectile velocity while aiming Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, and Bows.
  • Composite Stock - This weapon has a versatile dual-purpose stock.

If you want to check this weapon's stats and perks, you can check on light.gg.


We recommend this article to find more information about Xenophage.

We invite you to take a look at this Exotic overview:

Please feel free to contact us on live chat or the discord server for more information on our Xenophage boosting service. We are here for you 24/7!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive updates regarding my order?
Yes. We will constantly keep you updated with the progress of your order as we work on it through Discord app and via E-mail and/or notifications. Once the order is placed and a booster gets assigned, you will get in touch with him directly for any updates or questions regarding your order.
When do you start working on my Destiny 2 order?
Usually we start boosting a couple minutes after the order is placed and the payment is processed. There are couple exceptions though when we might be overloaded, when the request on services is very high, such as new season or expansion launches. After purchasing a Destiny 2 Carry or Recovery you will schedule the service together with the manager in advance, so the team is ready to start whenever it suits you better. Even if we can’t start working on your order right away, before purchasing, the manager will let you know when your boost can be provided.
Is it safe to buy Destiny 2 recovery services?
We provide boosting services since 2013, completed thousands of orders as self played and piloted mode and we never encountered any issue, so we can definetely claim that our Destiny 2 services are 100% safe. For extra security, in case you buy a recovery (piloted) service, that requires account sharing, we can use a VPN of your country and stream the boost aswell.
Can I still use my account?
Absolutely. We are always more than happy to schedule your boost around the times that you prefer, whether it is a self played boost (carry) or a service that requires account sharing (recovery).
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