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Trade Skills are the professions that a character can learn and have increased to a maximum level of 200. There are 17 total Trade Skills in the NW game and every one of them plays a very important role when it comes to the end-game experience.

New World Trade Skills fall into 3 main categories:

  • Gathering Trade Skills used to gather various resources.

  • Crafting Trade Skills used to create a variety of items.

  • Refining Trade Skills used to turn collected resources into crafting materials.


Leveling up the gathering skills allows the player to collect higher-level resources throughout the Aeternum world and out of all, the most requested boosted skills are:

  • Mining used to gather materials such as Ores and Oils.

  • Harvesting used to gather Plant materials.

  • Logging used to gather Wood materials.

  • Skinning used to gather Animal hides.

  • Fishing used to catch and obtain Fish.


Leveling up the crafting skills allows the player to unlock higher-level recipes, and the most popular crafting skills when it comes to boosting are:

  • Armoring used to craft Armor pieces.

  • Engineering used to craft gathering tools, weapons, and ammunition.

  • Jewelcrafting used to craft Amulets, Rings, and Earrings.

  • Arcana used to craft Potions, Tinctures, and Weapon Coatings.

  • Furnishing used to craft Storage Chests, Furniture, and Trophies.


Leveling up the refining skills allows the player to convert gathered resources into crafting materials and the most popular refining skills would be:

  • Smelting used to turn Ores into Ingots.

  • Stonecutting used to turn Raw gemstones into Cut gemstones.

  • Leatherworking used to turn animal hides into Leather.

  • Weaving used to turn raw fibers into Cloth.

  • Woodworking used to turn raw wood into Processed Wood Materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Trade Skill boosting services in New World?
Absolutely, at we offer boosting services for all the trade skills categories available in the game: gathering, crafting, and refining. Our professional boosters are dedicated players who have already completed dozens of skill leveling services and will get your trade skills to the maximum level in no time.
How does Trade Skill power leveling work?
Powerleveling the trade skills represents the process where we will complete any required activity to efficiently increase the desired skill to the max level: following the best farming routes to gather resources, using the best refining materials and recipes for maximum XP while crafting.